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Soul Sustenance 05-08-2018

Taking Charge Of Your Responses In Close Relationships

In relationships with your loved ones, when looking at the other, sometimes positive emotions are generated and sometimes negative. On the one hand, joy, love and happiness is generated on being with them; but then attachment, dependency and expectations are generated. In such situations, you are more focused on others and are always looking at the other person’s behavior, you stop seeing yourself and being aware of your reactions and taking the responsibility for the responses that you create. You get frustrated when the other person does not meet your expectations. As you depend on them, if they don’t act as you would like, if they don’t reach home or call you at the time you would like; all this frustrates you. You radiate this energy to the other: they are not doing what they should be doing and so you feel frustrated and discontented.

All the while that you hold the other one responsible for your frustration, you are not in charge of your own reactions, because you have given power to the other to dominate your emotional world. It is there that you lose your freedom. You lose your freedom because you give to the other, in the name of love, power over your own moods. You allow the other’s energy to enter your inner world and cause inside you frustration, bad moods, irritation, sorrow and a mental and emotional dependence where you are constantly thinking about where they are, what they have to do, what they have to say, where they have to go, and all this consumes a lot of your mental energy. Wanting to control the other and the frustration that it brings with it uses up a lot of emotional energy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 04-08-2018

Coping With Stress With Positivity (Part 4)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, the third and final step would be to discover new solutions. In order to do this, we must be prepared to perceive unexpected opportunities. It becomes challenging to do it, as most of us, owing to our social conditioning, become rigidly fixed on our ideas about what defines a happy and successful life. By staying self-assured and making conscious choices and remaining open and involved in the environment, solutions are most likely to emerge. These solutions may open doors to different possibilities, an alternate reality which may not be the same as per our preconceived notions, but they may still be beautiful, if evaluated on the basis of their direct impact on how they make us feel.

In every person’s life, the chances of only good things happenings is very rare. The likelihood that our desires will always be fulfilled is very minute. Sooner or later, everyone will have to confront situations they weren’t prepared for: disappointments, severe illness, financial reversal, and eventually the inevitability of the soul leaving the body in this birth. It is for this reason that courage, resilience, perseverance and maturity are virtues that are so essential to have, in order to lead a healthy and stress free life. Without them, we would always be suffering from the sudden occurrences of undesirable events in life. On the other hand, if we build the inner qualities and strategies to deal with negative situations with a positive energy, these negative events can at least be neutralized, and possibly be even used as challenges that will help make the self-stronger and more stable in all circumstances.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 27-07-2018

The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 5)

In yesterday’s message, we had explained four types of thoughts, words and actions, which create corresponding sanskaras in the soul. Not only corresponding sanskaras but all of them create different types of sanskaras depending on the emotion behind the thought, word and action. Also, the four types of thoughts, words and actions as mentioned yesterday, in decreasing order of purity are – positive, necessary, unnecessary and negative. We have explained what all four mean.

The whole day sees different types of situations and ups and downs. Life is constantly turning. Situations do arise and settle down soon all the time. Sometimes some situations remain for a longer time also which is less rare. But, the bottom line is maintaining our thoughts within the positive and necessary category all the time. Because, the ones who are internally powerful, for them situations are like bubbles on water, which are temporary. They only remain positive in any kind of situation to see the situation go away soon. They smile inspite of situations existing in their lives, which in more than 9 out of 10 times say goodbye very easily and in a span of a few hours or days and not more than that. Of course, there is that one odd situation like an illness or a difficult relationship or a loss of a close loved one, which can last for a few months or more than that and that too not in all cases. Very often, you hear people complaining of how situations are sticky in nature and refuse to go away from their lives. Of course, there is the past negative karma which is the big reason for these situations, as explained earlier in this message series. The law of karma is something that no one can run away from. Imagine many past births under the influence of a deadly negative and impure emotion like lust or a little less negatively powerful emotion of anger. These can destroy the soul’s cleanliness and fill it with negative and impure sanskaras. Here we are talking of thousands of such thoughts, words and actions of the past births – how negatively influential they can be on our present. But remember there is a way out of this – not only clean the past negative karma through meditation. Also something which we can do about that now, because the past negative karma is over. Perform positive and pure karma in the present. Doing both of these attracts solutions to difficult situations in our lives very easily and very fast – that is the key.

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Soul Sustenance 26-07-2018

The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 4)

We all live our lives at a fast pace without ever stopping and checking the quality of our thoughts, words and actions. It was different for us when we did not possess the knowledge of what is a good action and what is not. But now, when we have this knowledge from God, we need to review at the end of each day what we have done in the complete day. How were our thoughts, words and actions and was any thought, word or action not the right one? The measuring meter for this is the knowledge of the Law of Karma, which our intellect possesses. So, the first step is learning this knowledge and then implementing the knowledge in our lives.

Generally speaking, not only any word or action, but every thought which is created under the influence of any of the five main vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego is considered negative karma. Also weaknesses connected to these impure emotions, like jealousy, hatred, revenge, criticism, fear etc. are considered negative karma. All of them create negative sanskaras in the soul when created or indulged in. For many, imagining a day without some of these may seem difficult and that will make you realize that a very large percentage of our thoughts, words and actions go the wrong way. This happens without us making a conscious effort of stopping them from going that way. Also, thinking, speaking and performing actions which are related to the past or the future are considered unnecessary and is something we spend a lot of time in doing. These are of a lesser negative nature but have a subtle connection with body consciousness, which is the cause of all negative sanskaras being created in the soul. Of course, there are also thoughts, words and actions, which are related to our daily routine and our day-to-day tasks, which are necessary in nature. But they are sometimes accompanied by the unnecessary when we attach excessive attachment to the past and future with them. And lastly, what is commonly known to all of us, all thoughts, words and actions, which are based on the primary qualities of the soul – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge (truth) are the last category of positive. They are of the highest quality.

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Soul Sustenance 25-07-2018

The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 3)

We all desire to live a beautiful lifestyle where we don’t have to face negative situations from the world which are a reflection of our past karmas. By past we mean karmas performed in this birth and also karmas performed over many births before this one. Of course, the births before this one have been forgotten completely. Also, every thought, word and action performed in each birth created a matching sanskara in the soul. Such actions were forgotten completely by us as we took new births and older births were forgotten. Such sanskaras are the main cause of attracting negative or positive situations in our present life. So, nothing can be done about what happened in the past and how we spent each birth and what was the quality of our actions in each birth. But, there is a way of cleaning up all the negative sanskaras of the soul which attract negative situations in our life. Meditation is a beautiful method for doing this, in which through the power of visualization, which we all possess, we experience beautiful spiritual energy. This energy is of the purest seed of humanity or God, whom we commonly see with the eye of the mind as a point of pure spiritual light. Meditation means touching this point of pure energy using the power of visualization. Also, one sits under this fountain of overflowing spiritual energy which He radiates, for a few minutes everyday. His light is like a laser beam which removes or destroys these negative sanskaras from the soul, which were created due to negative karmas. That is why, at the Brahma Kumaris, we commonly call this meditation as a method of destroying negative actions performed over many births. A soul from which traces of negative actions have been removed then attracts positive circumstances only and keeps negative circumstances away.

The reason why we experience happiness when we start our journey of birth and rebirth is that we are pure souls or we are full of the power of purity. This means negative sanskaras created due to negative actions, which attract situations of sorrow, are not there inside us. As we come down in the process of birth and rebirth, we fill ourselves with these negative sanskaras, due to the quality of actions reducing and as a result, the sorrow in our life increases.

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Soul Sustenance 02-07-2018

A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 3)

A very important and other aspect of our daily lives is erasing or removing the negative personality characteristics that exist inside us. We also need to ensure that they do not come to the surface and do not cause a hindrance or obstacle in our everyday dealings. In this particular sphere of self change, there are some people who are more sensitive to their weaknesses. They are always keen to transform or remove them completely while some are less sensitive and are unable to realize or check their weaknesses and change them. Spiritual power is a later step in self transformation, but the first and foremost power is the power to realize that a particular weakness exists inside me. If I don’t realize I will not work to bring that power inside me. Also, once the realization is there, we need to think about possible thought patterns and efforts at the level of words and actions, which will take us to a perfect personality. We need to remove the flaws or weaknesses that give us unhappiness and make others also discontent.

Lastly, the most important tool to be used in self-transformation is taking power from a higher spiritual source and then using that power to change our thoughts. Also the power helps in changing the seed of the thoughts – our personality. Once the personality is changed, our thoughts start taking shape accordingly. Once the thoughts change, our feelings, attitudes, vision, words and actions move towards a positive direction. Self-effort is not so difficult but it can seem difficult if spiritual power is lacking. So, meditation is the foundation of all self change, whether it involves imbibing new qualities and powers or whether it is becoming a better person, by removing weaknesses. Meditation is a connection at the level of the mind and thoughts with the Supreme Soul or God, who is an ocean of spiritual power or strength.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————-
Soul Sustenance 01-07-2018

A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 2)

A very important spiritual strength that sometimes we need and are lacking is the power to mould as per the other person’s personality and behavior.To mould yourself means adjusting your nature according to the need of the situation or as required in dealing with a particular type of person. Suppose someone is angry because of a certain behavior of mine. I may be right also in such a situation and may feel it is wrong for the other person to find fault in me. In such a case, to mould oneself means to argue less, to bow down, to be humble, to sacrifice the I am right consciousness. On the other hand, also give respect, to be positive, to keep the other person ahead are signs of an adjusting person. Also, a third strength or power is the power to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong and to select the right in the form of thoughts, words and actions and bring them into practical. Suppose I know that in a certain situation, especially in dealing with people, I have two choices. In such a case, a good practice is to use the spiritual wisdom that I possess in my intellect and discriminate correctly and take a right decision.

Other powers include power to tolerate a situation or a person. Sometimes, in many cases we are not able to able to cope up with a person’s different attitude than us and we react or respond negatively. In such a case, it is the lack of this power. Also, the power to face is a significant power, a lack of which can cause us to become fearful of difficult situations. Sometimes, two people can experience and perceive the same situation differently because they are lacking in the same power to different extents. We all are lacking in some power or the other and it is only through practice and consistent self-effort that we can become very very strong and full of all important powers.

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Soul Sustenance 30-06-2018

A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 1)

Living a life full of different types of situations and meeting different types of people can bring with it certain challenges and the need to change your personality. Also, we need to increase our strengths and skills at the level of the personality so that we can adapt ourselves. Apart from inculcating different types of new personality characteristics, which are not there with us, we need to work on certain negative personality features in us also and remove them completely. These negative aspects influence us negatively and cause instability in our relationships. So different missing powers and virtues, which we require at times but we are unable to emerge them in our thoughts, words and actions at the right times are required to be first realized. Then using techniques of mind empowerment like meditation and spiritual knowledge tools, those powers and virtues can be made a part of our nature.

The first and foremost power in any difficult situation is the power to change or transform one’s thinking as per the needs of the situation, into a positive one. Then, creating a positive thought or a series of positive thoughts and preventing the situation or negative scene seem difficult to overcome in the mind. This is spiritual power in action or bringing it into practice. Also, the power of good wishes should be used to bring peace and harmony with those people with whom our relationships are not positive. Good wishes are virtues in action and make us loveful and humble. So, the more qualities and powers we fill inside ourselves, the more complete and spiritually skilled we become and the more successful we are.

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Soul Sustenance 29-06-2018

Overcoming The Subtle Desire For Revenge

Ask yourself very honestly how many times in your life did you feel joy, even a slight trace of it, when something negative happened with someone who had harmed you or hurt you or insulted you in any way in the past – either in the immediate or distant (far-away) past. When this kind of joy, which is an impure form of joy, is seen inside you, even if it is at your extremely subtle thought level (if not in your words or actions), you need to remember that this is nothing but a feeling of subtle revenge, even if physically you haven’t got back at any point of time at the person who has harmed you, when he did so. It may not sound very nice, but this kind of joy is enjoying the pain of others and is obviously an extremely low grade form of joy. Sometimes, as a way of justifying our joyful revenge, we call it justice.

The driving energy or fuel behind this kind of revenge is hatred or anger. It is a feeling of: I really enjoyed it when what they had done to me came to them – I was so happy to see them suffer for what they had done, this is their punishment … tit for tat. It is a type of joy that only increases our accounts of negative karmas with the other person, which as a result, increases our sorrow, instead of decreasing it, although it may give us an impression for a while that it is decreasing our sorrow. This kind of joy will only cause the radiation of a negative form of energy to the other person, which will not only give pain to the other person, but will also cause the radiation of the negative energy of hatred from the other person to us that will never bring us long term joy. Imagine someone meeting with an accident on the road and in a lot of pain and instead of helping that person immediately we smile at that person happy with what has happened to him or her. What energy will such a person send us in return? This example is on a physical level, but the same principle applies on a subtle level. So the next time something like this happens in our life, we need to remind ourselves only if we don’t have the slightest trace of joy inside us that we can safely say that we are free from any desire for revenge, even though it may be very subtle.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 28-06-2018

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 4)

Another important content of our own consciousness which is always present is I or the self. The self exists solely in our own consciousness and for others who know us, there will be different versions of it. The self is the most important piece of information as it has everything that has passed through consciousness, all the memories, actions, joy and pain. And above all, the goals that we have built, bit by bit, over the years. While our existence can be improved by outside events, such events must take their place in our consciousness, and be connected in positive ways to our self, before they can affect the quality of our life. Negative emotions like pain, fear, anxiety, or envy are the forces that can affect our consciousness negatively and bring them into disorder. Prolonged experiences of this kind can weaken the soul to the point that it is no longer able to invest attention and pursue its goals. So, it’s important to check that every piece of information that we process has what kind of influence on the soul. Does it threaten our goals, does it support them or is it neutral?

In order to create order in our consciousness and create it positively, the information that comes into our awareness should be in synch with our goals. Then there will be no worry or self-doubt. We will always get positive feedback from the self about whatever we choose to do in life, which will in turn strengthen the self and there will be more focus to manage the outer and the inner environment more effectively. In this state of self-integration, one feels more together than before, not only internally, but also with respect to other people and to the universe at large.
Meditation helps in building attention in such a way that we learn to find ways that integrate our thoughts and emotions more consciously and more constructively. By doing that we can navigate different situations more skillfully, and also be able to create positive impact on life’s situations and grow in life successfully.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 27-06-2018

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 3)

Our consciousness is open and vulnerable enough to contain something as joyful as the fragrance of a rose to something as tragic as a war story. Hence, it becomes important to keep the information that we have in our minds to be consciously ordered. Our intentions can help act as a magnet here, moving our attention away from negative thoughts and emotions.
Therefore, the information that we allow into our consciousness becomes extremely important. It is, in fact, what determines the content and quality of our lives.

Attention is also an important aspect towards building a positive state of consciousness. Information enters our consciousness either because we intend to give attention to it, or as a result of a sheer personal or socially developed habit. For example, when we are driving down the highway, we fail to notice so many cars. But sometimes we notice a particular vehicle, perhaps because it’s moving directions unsteadily between lanes. This image enters the focus of our consciousness. Once we have been able to identify the situation on the basis of our own experience, we can then evaluate if this is something to worry about. If the answer is yes, we then decide on the appropriate action, which could be speeding up or slowing down, changing lanes or stopping. Therefore, attention is very important to recover the right references from memory, to assess the situation and then to choose the right thing to do. If we are in control of our consciousness, we will focus attention only where it is required and not get affected by distractions. This selective approach can help us in enjoying the normal course of our daily life. At this point, we will only radiate a pure glow of energy. And despite past difficulties and the intensity of our present lives, we will relish thoroughly every minute of it. Hence attention can be used in many ways, ways that can make life either rich or miserable.

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Soul Sustenance 26-06-2018

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 2)

Consciousness, helps in presenting information, about what is happening outside and inside our being, in such a way, that it can be evaluated and acted upon with responsibility. In this sense, it helps in filtering sensations, feelings, perceptions, and ideas and helps us to establish priorities among different types of information that we are exposed to. It can help us to deliberately weigh what the senses tell us about a particular situation or person, and respond accordingly. It can also help us in creating new and positive thoughts that did not exist before. For example, we can create dreams, write beautiful poems and build new technologies. The contents of our consciousness can play a key role in making us either happy or sorrowful, regardless of what is actually happening on the outside. Through the force of our personalities, we can transform difficult situations into challenges that have to be overcome. The virtue of perseverance through a positive consciousness, despite setbacks and obstacles, is therefore the most important trait, not just for succeeding in life, but also for enjoying it as well.

Consciousness is like a mirror. Everything that we feel, smell, hear or remember is potentially a candidate for entering our consciousness. The experiences, however, that do finally enter our inner being, are actually very few. It is our choice to reflect on them selectively; choosing in the process, only positive thoughts, to shape peaceful situations. This gift of reflection, a gift of our own consciousness, is what we call our life- the completeness of all we have heard, seen, felt, suffered and hoped in every life.

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Soul Sustenance 25-06-2018

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 1)

The cultures that have existed in the past have always looked at a person, as complete, only if one is able to master his or her thoughts and feelings. Unlike the past, where people were held responsible for keeping a control on their emotions, today, it’s more acceptable to be expressive about our emotions, which may sometimes be negative also. But regardless of what’s socially accepted, most of us would agree that if we make efforts to gain mastery over what happens, in our state of consciousness, we do live a happier life.

Raising human consciousness to a positive level in the modern world is very vital. The only reason we experience life and the energy around it is because we are conscious. The clarity of our vision today is mostly filled with all kinds of false identifications of our personality. Our intellect is mostly focused on discrimination, and this becomes limiting in nature, in the way it differentiates between what is me and what is you. This can create a lot of suffering and conflict.
The state of elevated consciousness in thoughts and actions is possible; in fact it is very pleasant and blissful. This blissfulness forms the foundation for the soul, to experience dimensions beyond the physical, and becomes the basis of true love and compassion.

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Soul Sustenance 23-06-2018

Resolving Conflicts In Relationships (Part 1)

In relationships, sometimes we feel that the other person is not only a problem but also a source of conflicts. We have to be aware that there always have to be two people involved for there to be an unhappy or conflictive exchange. When we are in any conflict, it is difficult to see and understand the true causes and the real energy of the process of the conflict. The emotions that arise inside us during a conflict distract us and even blind us.

In the first place, it is important to recognize that your response in any situation of conflict is your contribution to the conflict. The process of responding to any person or situation is something that takes place in you. Nothing can make you feel anything without your permission. If you have been in conflict with someone for a time, for sure, you create fear or anger towards them, expressing thus behaviors of resistance when you communicate or relate to them. The other person is not responsible for your emotions or for your behavior.

Your experience of conflict and your contribution to the conflict begin in your consciousness and you keep them in your consciousness. It begins with your perception of the other (how you see others). If you perceive them negatively you will think negatively; you will feel negative and create a negative attitude; you will behave negatively, and so you will transmit a negative energy. You don’t have to do it like that. Perception is a choice.

When there is conflict there is mental and emotional pain, even physical. Who creates that pain? You! Who creates at least half of the conflict? You! Where do you dissolve it? In your consciousness – in you. Freeing yourself of the conflict is a matter of a decision. At any moment you can decide not to be in conflict. One party has to dissolve their contribution to the conflict, even if it is temporarily, for the process of resolution to be able to begin.

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Soul Sustenance 22-06-2018

Awakening The Positivity Within (Part 3)

In yesterday’s message, we have already shared examples of situations which are self-created. These situations are created by my own mind, sometimes triggered by an external situation and sometimes there is no external event responsible for the situation. Then there are other situations of the physical body, relationship based situations and situations related to my workplace and home. All these situations are partly external and partly internal i.e. there is an external event present which is a reality and cannot be overlooked. This is true except in many cases when the situation is perceived as a situation but that is just a perception of a person with a negative perception, but in reality the situation does not exist. In all other cases, the situation is present and that is a fact accepted by even a person with a positive perception. Depending on how we perceive the situation, how we react to it and what thoughts we create on seeing it, the situation becomes big or small in our own mind first. But there is another aspect – sometimes some life situations are threatening in nature and can disturb the most powerful of souls. Of course the intensity of the fear varies from person to person depending on the perception. A calm mind with a powerful intellect can face all these situations. Also, techniques like meditation which are taught by the Brahma Kumaris will help you in doing that.

Meditation is a process of thought training – just like a cricketer will practice very carefully how he will play each ball that he faces to achieve the desired result of a run or runs scored. In the same way, I learn how to give each thought of mine value and create only positive thoughts for those few minutes of meditation. These positive thoughts are based on spiritual knowledge and are thoughts about the spiritual self and the Supreme Being. These positive thoughts are created very slowly, step by step and carefully. This meditation practice of about a few minutes everyday is our training for actual negative situations. Then, due to this practice, we remain calm and create only positive thoughts and keep the negative thoughts away which cause disturbances in our mind.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 21-06-2018

Awakening The Positivity Within (Part 2)

Do you know that on an average we create a new thought every 2 seconds or even less that? This speed increases very regularly when we panic and are in discomfort or under the negative influence of an external situation. We call it external because the me or I which is internal is not the creator of the situation. Even the physical body is external. Except for situations from my own negative personality characteristics, which are completely the creation of the internal me or I, all other situations are external. There are various examples of situations in the form of negative personality traits which are completely internal. E.g. on a particular day I feel gloomy or sad without any particular reason. On another day I experience thoughts of ego of my own nature or positive qualities or powers which are all internal. Sometimes I experience fear but there is no particular person or object or situation which I fear, it is just a passing phase. I am just frightened for no particular reason or on another occasion I feel I am unsuccessful although everything in my life is going fine. On another day I am worried about falling ill, although I am completely fit and nor have I met someone who is ill or listened to any news regarding poor health. So, my worry is completely self-created. These are examples of situations created completely by me.

Then, there are situations from my own personality characteristics which are triggered by outside situations. Such situations include something that I read, saw or heard which has caused a negative personality characteristic to emerge inside me.Examples of such situations are – my friend has been more successful in his or her academic career and seeing that causes thoughts of jealousy to emerge inside me. In this case, this is my self created situation but it was triggered by another person or external event. He or she did not cause me any harm and did not create the situation but I created the situation only because of my thinking. Another example of such a situation – I fear my boss at office solely because of his position being superior to me. He or she is a very nice person and is extremely polite with me and never tries to dominate me, but I feel dominated because of my thinking. Or another day, I heard a piece of news about how people are dying of heart attacks. This creates thoughts of fear inside me although I don’t suffer from any symptoms like uncontrolled high cholesterol or high blood pressure which could possibly lead to that.

(To be continued tomorrow …)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 20-06-2018

Awakening The Positivity Within (Part 1)

Positivity is our nature which we sometimes lose in our busy lifestyles. It is like the necklace which is around our neck, but we don’t realize that and we search for it all around. When we start the day, we need to fill our minds with positive points of information from a positive source. These points strengthen our mind and protect it from the negatives which surround us. Very often like the necklace, positivity is lost temporarily and is very easy to find, but the negative influence does not let me think of the ways of becoming positive and regaining it.

There was once a rich trader who always found a reason to become upset because of the smallest of reasons during the day. Every morning he would decide to remain positive during the day and would promise himself that he would not let his mind be influenced by any difficult problem he faced. But, as soon as he used to start his trade or business, because of the complicated nature of his work, he would fall prey to one or the other problem. These problems would be either from the work itself. Or problems would arise through the money he handled, or from his work associates or sometimes due to a problem created by his own mind. A mind that easily succumbs to difficulties can be compared to a home where a little problem in the form of a little mouse enters and brings disturbances in the whole house. When the house owner manages to get rid of the mouse and thinks everything is okay, a cat enters and adds her side of troubles and has the house owner go busy in trying to get it out of his premises. The cat is then followed by the dog’s entry and the whole day the house owner spends in this way. The moral of the story is – the one who remains disturbed attracts disturbances, which he keeps trying to send away. This process or mindset of trying to keep problems away and becoming over-involved in doing that, in turn attracts more problems. So, remain calm when the first problem of the day comes and don’t become over-involved or confused in trying to keep it away. This is the primary step to keeping problems away for the whole day. Calmness attracts a problem free environment around me and also keeps me content, powerful and peaceful.

(To be continued tomorrow …)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 19-06-2018

Uprooting The Emotion Of Worry From The Consciousness (Part 2)

In yesterday’s message, we had explained how worry is the wrong use of the imaginative capacity of the mind and intellect. On the other hand, imagining possible positive outcomes or results will have a double effect of not only keeping the negative outcomes away from us (even if there is a possibility of them occurring), but will also attract the positive results towards us. But to ensure that both these processes happen, it’s important not to attach possible negative results to the same, even to the minutest extent, otherwise the probability of positive futures becoming a reality reduces. Worrying is another word for this attachment process.

Worry is a type of mental habit, which arises from the belief that it’s good to worry. This belief gets acquired during our childhood. And then it keeps getting strengthened from our life experiences. We start from this belief. That attracts negative circumstances; as a result the belief gets strengthened further, because you think that with life full of so many negative circumstances, it’s important to think of negative outcomes beforehand. You don’t realize that these negative situations occurred in the first place largely due to this belief. When we are faced with a negative situation, again we worry because we hold that belief. Again it’s the same result. In this way, we are caught in a vicious cycle. How do we come out of this cycle? By changing this belief to – it’s not good to worry. Once we do that, there is no guarantee that negative situations will completely stop arising in our life, because we have performed negative actions in the past (either in this birth or past births), which need to be settled in our present, but the extent of negative situations will be minimized. And even if they do come, they will bid goodbye sooner, if we have a worry-free consciousness.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 18-06-2018

Uprooting The Emotion Of Worry From The Consciousness (Part 1)

What is a good definition of worryWorry is a process of imagining the worst possible outcome or result or future in a particular situation and creating a living and active image of it in front of the eye of your mind, and then using the energy of that negative image to flow inside your consciousness so as to completely overpower or weaken your spiritual and as a result your physical self to evoke fear in the self.

When people are asked about this process, a person who is attached to this process and is involved in the process very regularly the whole day in different types of situations, one who is a habitual worrier, responds – But it’s important t0 worry, it’s good to worry. If we don’t think of different possible negative outcomes, how will we prepare for them? It’s important to realize that the belief, that by worrying, we prepare for the worst in the future is a false one. This belief causes us not to realize the truth that all worry is simply an incorrect and fruitless creation. It is a wrong use of the positive, constructive and imaginative capacity of our mind and intellect which, instead of empowering the mind and intellect, weakens it. Preparing for the future is important and necessary, but very often while doing that, we enter the territory of worry, which leaves us, defeated or weakened. There is an extremely fine line between proactive preparation (necessary preparation in advance) on the one hand and worry on the other. The preparation can be done without creating an excessive number of possible negative outcomes in the mind.

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Soul Sustenance 17-06-2018

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 4)

The third mirror is the mirror of your own thoughts, words and actions – What you think and feel about yourself and others is invisible to others and only you know what it is. But you radiate your thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes through your facial expressions, your eyes, your words, your body language and your actions when you interact with others. That way your words and your actions act as a mirror in which to see yourself. You achieve this when you are a detached observer and you become aware of your responses, your reactions and how you express what arises from within you. This awareness of being an observer needs to be maintained sub-consciously throughout the day and consciously in the night by filling a daily chart before sleeping, on any three personality traits of your choice. Your main weaknesses or strengths you want to enhance should be included in the chart. We have explained the different types of traits that can be covered in a daily chart in our older messages. You could either evaluate these personality traits with a yes or no or perform a percentage wise evaluation like 50% or 80% for e.g. So it is a good practice to look into this mirror once in the night, before sleeping. This mirror will give you a review of the day that has gone by and make you careful for the next day. The daily chart is useful for this purpose. Filling a daily chart does not take more than a few seconds.

Finally and most importantly, always do remember that those who use these three mirrors actively and use them well to ensure that their internal self looks good and beautiful all the time become living mirrors for others. People who come in contact with them are able to see accurately what their internal self looks like. On seeing how beautiful and perfect they are, other people quickly realize their shortcomings or weaknesses and also take inspiration to become as beautiful, clean and virtuous beings as them.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 16-06-2018

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 3)

In the last two days’ messages, we have explained the first mirror for inner beauty.

The second mirror is the mirror of meditation – In the silence of meditation which is a connection or the experience of a relationship with the inner self and the Supreme Soul, each day you come close to and dive deep into both of them. When you create powerful, positive thoughts about the self and you also visualize your true spiritual self, you feel and experience your true virtuous being, what you are – radiant and free of all influences. That experience helps you to see yourself as you really are and in contrast to how you are now. Perhaps you feel peaceless, disturbed and dejected today, but by creating thoughts of peace and contentment in meditation you quickly realize that in reality that is your true nature. In that way, it serves as a mirror for self realization and checking and changing. When you visualize the Supreme Soul during meditation and experience His virtues, it helps you to see and quickly realize yourself in contrast to Him and make the required changes in yourself because the child should reflect the qualities of the Father.

So a good practice then is to look into this mirror and check yourself once in the morning before the day’s activities and once before sleeping for 10 minutes each time. Also, since this is the most powerful mirror, it is extremely vital to carry this mirror with you throughout the day and check yourself in it for one minute after every hour. This may sound too much time given to the inner self to many, but all of us are aware that like an untidy, unkempt external self is not pleasing to the self and does not create a favorable impression on those who come in contact with us, in the same way that applies to the inner self also. So one minute spent in looking into this mirror and doing some self-introspection and checking and changing will keep us looking good for the next fifty nine minutes and if we do mess up internally during those fifty nine minutes, then corrections can be made quickly in the next one minute break – it’s as simple as that.

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Soul Sustenance 15-06-2018

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 2) 

In yesterday’s message, we had discussed the first mirror, the mirror of spiritual knowledge. Elaborating further, this mirror will also show you the Supreme Soul and it will remind you about His virtues and actions which will help you check where you stand in comparison to Him in terms of virtues and actions and will influence you to follow him by imbibing those virtues and performing actions in the similar way. Lastly this mirror will remind you of your relationship with the Supreme and forging a deep and personal connection with Him in different ways which will benefit you and others.

The knowledge read every morning will help you see and realize what mistakes you have committed in the last 24 hours while performing actions and also in maintaining a connection with the Supreme and also see what you have done positively in the same regard during the same time, which will encourage you further to do the same in the future. The mirror of knowledge will also help you remain careful for the day ahead and perform actions and experience a relationship with the Supreme based on what you have read. It is a common experience of a lot of people that the spiritual knowledge read in the morning is always what the need of the moment for them is. The spiritual knowledge read is very commonly an exact reflection of the activities and mental state of your last 24 hours and/or something which you require for the coming day for the self, for your relationships, for facing different types of obstacles in your personal and professional life. This is the Law of Spiritual Attraction that works in each one’s life, but to different extents. Our consciousness and inner requirements attract towards us the spiritual knowledge of a similar nature.

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Soul Sustenance 14-06-2018

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 1) 

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? are famous words. To check our external beauty or tidiness, we look into the mirror on the wall each day. But on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, what is the mirror that helps you to see if there is anything wrong with your inner face or self or to realize what is happening to you and what you have to do to maintain your inner fairness or beauty?

There are three types of mirrors, which one can use to see or check the internal self:

The first mirror is the mirror of spiritual knowledge – Spiritual knowledge is the knowledge related to spiritual self-development i.e. of the soul and also of the Supreme Soul. Each day, in the morning, you can look into this mirror for 5 minutes at least. Looking into this mirror means listening to or reading a piece of spiritual knowledge for at least 5 minutes that connects you to your inner essence, increases your emotional and spiritual intelligence as well as reminds you of your true purpose. 

You will see yourself very clearly in this mirror as this mirror will show you: – the knowledge of the original and ideal virtues of the soul like peace, love, bliss, purity, power, joy etc.;
– how these virtues can be imbibed in the self to benefit the self and others;
– the knowledge of the different types of weaknesses that can arise in the soul like anger, greed, ego, hatred, fear, attachment, jealousy, sorrow, etc., the roots of all which lie in mis-identification with the physical self and forgetting the spiritual self and how these weaknesses can harm the self and others;
– the knowledge of overcoming these weaknesses. 

All of these things which you see in the mirror will help you to check where you stand in comparison to the right code of conduct for thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions, words and actions, where you are going wrong and how you can make the required corrections in the same. On looking into this mirror you will be reminded of the Law of Karma (the Law of Action and Reaction), which will motivate you to make these corrections.

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Soul Sustenance 13-06-2018

The Mind In Control (Part 3)

A very good practice in your everyday life is to connect your mind with a peaceful source of spiritual energy. God is such a source and not someone with a physical form. His form is a being of spiritual light which is invisible to the physical eyes but can be experienced through the mind. So, connecting with this being of light which is full of spiritual qualities like peace and power at regular intervals in the day will help your mind become silent. This is because the moment you connect with this Supreme Energy, His spiritual energy starts entering the mind. As a result, your thoughts which are related to your physical body and physical role in life and relationships start becoming less and we become calm and peaceful. This is called silence of the mind and not only silence of a physical nature, in which you don’t do anything physically and don’t talk. Remember true silence is few thoughts and only positive and necessary ones with no unnecessary and negative thoughts.

Also, this technique of remembering God, who is a point of spiritual energy and light, makes you more and more powerful also. The ability to create only those thoughts which are necessary in any difficult circumstance of life is sometimes difficult for some people. The moment we are faced with difficult situations, different types of thoughts which are related to the situation but are negative and unnecessary in nature come into our mind. How do I prevent that and what is spiritual power? Spiritual power means creating only those thoughts which are positive and necessary in any situation. This brings silence of the mind. So peace and power along with joy and love also, absorbed from the Supreme, keep us not only light but also full of contentment, which is our original nature.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 12-06-2018

The Mind In Control (Part 2)

We all live our lives with lots of aims and objectives and sometimes these life purposes can dominate the mind and its creation of thoughts. So always give the mind some positive thoughts to think of and experience those thoughts to nullify the influence of life’s different situations. These are those situations which require the use of your mind a lot. So, choose some positive thoughts depending on life’s different situations and strengthen the mind using them. E.g. if you work on a computer the whole day, say to yourself that – I am a pure and peaceful soul, which is performing the action of working on the computer using my eyes and hands. This consciousness will make you detached from your work and not let the work influence your mind. You will perform your task but not come under any type of pressure or stress of the work. Another e.g. is you are driving a car and you have to give the energy of your mind in doing the same. In this case talk to yourself – I am a powerful spiritual being or energy which is controlling the steering wheel and other parts of the car, using the hands, feet and eyes. This type of remembrance in the mind will make you empowered mentally and spiritually and you will drive the car in a very positive consciousness without being affected by the different challenges of driving safely.

These are different examples of a higher consciousness which keep us disconnected from negative situations and their pressures. As a result our thoughts of an unnecessary nature reduce. As a result our mind remains silent and focused on the task we are performing instead of thinking about many other things when they are not necessary.

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Soul Sustenance 11-06-2018

The Mind In Control (Part 1)

A very important and challenging part of our lives is managing our thoughts and feelings as per how we want them to be. Very often, our mind is full of scattered thoughts which we have to reduce and focus on a task. This is because when we are working on a particular task of work we need to have a few thoughts only which are related to that particular task. Sometimes these few thoughts are accompanied by thoughts of the past actions or of future actions to be done or of other people and their words and actions. Then we take greater amount of time to perform the task at hand. Also, it is seen that efficiency at the workplace or in offices is greatly reduced because of this. It is said that if a person works for 8-10 hours in a day in his or her office, the actual time being given to the work is less than 100%. Because of this, there is a great need of techniques like meditation and mind relaxation, which will help in reducing the speed of thoughts and hence as a result the number of thoughts.

Presently, we are all in touch with technology a lot. The more this is happening and the more different media touch our minds constantly, the more our mind becomes filled with thoughts. These thoughts are difficult to stop at times for many of us. So, a connection at regular intervals during the day, with a peaceful source of spiritual energy is required. It is said that there are two sources that we are disconnected from at the present moment of time. The first source is inside us and is our own spiritual self and the second source is outside us and is the Supreme Soul or God. The spiritual self is originally very peaceful and by remembering it, we experience peace and the Supreme Soul is an ocean of peace.

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Soul Sustenance 10-06-2018

Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 3)

When a mental limit has been set in our minds, the first thing one needs to do is look inwards and check it. The next step is to change it with the help of mental strength and spiritual power, without which the limit continues to dominate our personalities. This process is called – check and change. So, the weak personality characteristic in the form of a mental barrier which is influencing our thought patterns is first checked. It is then erased (removed) or transformed (changed) into a powerful nature characteristic which then is able to dominate the limit set and bring it down. Also, we need to stand back from the weak thought patterns, observe them and steer or change their direction from a negative frame of mind to a positive one. This is another method of working on winning or lifting the barrier. A person who is constantly thinking about failure needs to check that personality characteristic. Also, he needs to check the number of thoughts that he creates in one particular day which are focused on the possibility of failure in his life. He then needs to change them to affirmations or positive thoughts of success. These thoughts should be accompanied by visualizing the success repeatedly in a complete day with no room for the weak thoughts and images of possible failure to enter his mind.

There are 3 types of people – the first type are neither able to check and as a result they are not able to change. The second type are sensitive enough to check but they do not have the power to transform or change the direction of the thought patterns. This is either due to lack of the power of determination or they are determined but lack the mental strength to do that. The third type can check and change both and overcome the limit and mental barrier with their mental strength. There are various methods of increasing mental strength. Some of them are – creating positive and powerful thoughts related to the virtues of peace, love, joy, bliss, purity, power and truth. Also, thinking deeply or churning spiritual knowledge listened to or read in the morning. Another method is meditation. Meditation is a connection between the soul and the Supreme Being or God.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 09-06-2018

Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 2)

A significant reduction in our success rate in coming out of difficult situations is brought about by confusion or a lack of positive conviction. This lack of positivity is caused by different types of positionings of the mind which are harmful to our power of determination or faith. You know the story about the elephant whose one leg used to be tied using a small rope since the time he was young and he used to experience a lack of freedom in moving around wherever he wished. At that age, the small rope was enough to tie the elephant. As the elephant grew bigger, he possessed the physical strength to break the rope and wander around freely but instead of making use of his strength to break the rope, he did not do so. He remained confined to the same small region where he used to be tied because his mind was conditioned that he cannot break the rope, which is an example of a mental limitation. In a similar manner, the inner region of our mind is the place where we as children got used to being tied with the different types of ropes of a lack of optimism or positivity. E.g. I cannot do well or I am not good enough or I am not as successful as others or I am low on self-confidence or I am an under-achiever. These ropes in many people are so strong that a time comes when situations of success have arrived in their life in different forms as they have grown up and they have achieved reasonably in different spheres of life. At that time they can easily break these different ropes, but they still remain low on optimism. This lack of optimism restricts their freedom to succeed and ability to achieve bigger and upto the potential they possess and as expected by their friends and people whom they are close to.

The reason why our hidden potential remains untapped in most cases is a weak consciousness. This weakness is caused by emotional limitations in the form of weak thoughts and feelings over the years. These thoughts and feelings have been expressed sometimes without us realizing how each thought and feeling is having a powerful negative effect on the situations around us. Also they keep coming back to us negatively in the long term. Limits are self-created and not imposed by society or circumstances on us as some of us might think and seem to experience from our life journey. We often say I feel I am weak because the following person has dominated me all my life. The dominating person is not the cause of our low self esteem. It’s what shape we have given to all his words and actions in our minds since we have been with him, is the cause of us seeing ourselves in a poor light and feeling under-confident.

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Soul Sustenance 08-06-2018

Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 1)

Rising above mental limitations, which are obstacles in our life journey and slow our progress towards our life goals, is an important spiritual skill that we need to be trained in. A limitation or a barrier is a self created thought which reduces our power of determination and power to succeed in any life sphere. Suppose I have a broken relationship with a loved one, like a parent or a sibling (brother or sister) or a life partner. This causes a belief to set inside my mind that I have been unsuccessful in handling a relationship well. The belief can result in a negative perception that all relationships are sorrow giving. When that perception then starts flowing in our actions and people whom we are close to do not receive the positive energy from us which they should, it starts affecting relationships negatively.

Also, sometimes we do not know why a particular person is distancing himself from us when our words and actions towards the person are what they are expecting? In these cases, our mind has been imprisoned by an incorrect belief like the one shared above and that has affected our perception of the other person negatively. The energy of that perception constantly travels to the other person and hits him or her which causes the other person to respond to us in a manner which is different from what we would like them to. So, the mental limit is in the background in these cases. It is a self-limiting thought or series of thoughts which we constantly create either consciously or sub-consciously. Suppose, I have fared badly in a school exam in one year. As a result, I have formed a series of mental barriers in our mind like – I am not so sharp or competitive or I am a nervous exam giver or I am not so intelligent or I cannot succeed. Such barriers are strong mental forces which are like hammers hitting on our mind and personality. This causes a negative impact on future events of the same nature, in this case the giving of another school exam.

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Soul Sustenance 07-06-2018

Experiencing And Maintaining A State Of Contentment

To reach, experience and maintain a state of contentment or fulfillment you have to first realize what true freedom is and then learn how to use it so that it strengthens you and also helps you to achieve the full potential of your individual self. Freedom is the key to contentment. You also need to check what brings you close to the state of fulfillment and what takes you away from it. Fears of different kinds are one of the main obstacles in experiencing contentment. Any weakness, inability to apply any virtue or spiritual power required in any situation, lack of focus, inner instability, etc. will cause a leakage of the energy of positivity that is required to feel content. Free yourself of any personality trait that hinders your progress and does not allow your inner being to manifest itself and express itself with all its potential. To live in contentment, you should be in charge of your inner mental and emotional world. If not, you will only be able to experience temporary periods of fulfillment.

To achieve fulfillment you not only have to have inner control, but you also need to check whether there is any door open to allow any weakness to enter the room of your personality. Because if you strengthen yourself on the one hand and on the other you are weakened, you will never reach the desired state of inner power. E.g. you keep a bucket of water under a tap of water. If it has even a single crack, however much water you pour into the bucket, it will never get filled completely. In the same way, this can happen to you. Because of this, you need to check, which cracks are present in your personality through which there are leaks of energy, because of which your efforts to become content do not give you the results you hope for.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 06-06-2018

8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 3)

The road to success is filled with major changes which we as travelers on it need to be able to adapt to and face, without the changes affecting us negatively. There are people who are very weak at adapting to change because of lack of spiritual strength and the tendency to look at the changes negatively. It is said at the Brahma Kumaris that the one who moulds becomes real gold or valuable or in other words spiritually pure or powerful. So, the ability to mould or the ability to change as per the different milestones one sees on the road to success is a spiritual power which we need to fill ourselves with. Also, as with traffic signals, what is required is the ability to stop on the road to success on passing certain signposts. These signposts convey to us that crossing them at that moment of time at the speed at which we are, will cause an accident in the form of an ill physical body or a broken relationship. Also, they may cause a stressful mind or a harmed professional or personal role which is being used to reach the destination of success in any sphere of life. This can bring the journey to the destination of success to a standstill.

Another spiritual ability is theability to inculcate new creative and constructive sanskaras as per the demands of what side-scenes are seen on the road to success. These side-scenes may sometimes be surprising for many. The type of sanskaras which may be required to be inculcated at that moment of time could be simple like remaining egoless or keeping love maintained with everyone. Also, avoiding the negatives of someone and also not spreading them, not getting frustrated or tired and remaining patient, not creating thoughts of failure and accepting each one’s role with ease. Some other sanskaras are emerging the power to discriminate between wrong and right or remaining economical in using resources like money, time and energy etc. Also, just like any other journey, sometimes it is also important not to get stuck in these side scenes. We need to ignore or let go of them and carry on with determination on the road to success with our complete focus on the destination of success which our whole journey is dedicated to.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 05-06-2018

8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 2)

Just for a minute stop what you are thinking and ask yourself is a goal or an achievement so significant that you do not mind losing some of the important relationships of your life. Also, what use is an achieved mission if in the process I suffer sleep disorders or my digestive system is weakened or I suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes? Also, I may even suffer from mental illnesses like depression or sometimes even end up attempting suicide. The same purpose of life can be achieved without losing mental peace, even if the achievement takes place at a date later than the one intended.

So, the first step on the road to success is revising your purpose to one that can be achieved at a slower speed than the speed we might see others working at. Of course, it’s needless to say that the wrong energy with which we are working that is giving us hurry and worry sickness is nothing but competition. Competition is not at all an un-required energy in mainstream society but when competition is accompanied by or mixed with comparisons, it becomes negative or self-harming. So compete, competition is healthy but do not compare, comparisons are unhealthy. Also, ensure that while moving towards the destination of success it is important to set smaller goals to be achieved instead of targeting directly at the bigger cause. This is important because this keeps us extremely light in our journey and keeps us on the road to success and does not let us become tired when the going gets difficult at times. This is a way of unburdening oneself while travelling on the road to success which can be long at times. Another important feature of a relaxed journey to success is satisfying people who are a part of the journey and not developing cold relations with them. Very often, people are so obsessed with work or professional targets that a 12 hour day at the workplace is a common practice with busy professionals with no time for their family members. This causes distancing and differences between them and also very often children and husbands or wives are affected negatively by this and remaining dissatisfied.

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Soul Sustenance 04-06-2018

8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 1)

We all live a life which is filled with different actions which we perform from the morning to the night. Every action either in the personal, professional, social or financial sphere is filled with the energy of an intention or a pure desire that I have to achieve what I aspire or aim for. But things go wrong when the ambition starts becoming an obsession and it starts affecting our relationships, health and mind sometimes individually and sometimes all together. With some people, the desire to succeed is so immense and so obsessive that it tends to influence their thoughts excessively. They lose interest in performing any action which takes them away from this aim.

They say success for some comes at a price – a broken soul, a stressful mind, an unhealthy body and harmed relationships. For some, life is like a continuous challenge to be overcome. Challenges are good; they bring out the inner powers and help in tapping the hidden potential inside you. But at the same time, a life which eats, sleeps and breathes challenges and goals is the wrong road to success. A main cause of professional burn out at a young age is an obsession to achieve and dream big. This is even causing a lot of people to become severely depressive, unenthusiastic and disinterested after a certain period of time in their careers and family lives. Many people are taking to meditation and relaxation techniques because they lost the balance at sometime in their lives. They left the right road to success with the destination of success remaining away from them instead of coming towards them.

In the next two days’ messages, we shall explain 8 different steps one needs to take on an emotional level so that success is achieved. At the same time it is a success without any of the side effects in the form of love lost in relationships and physical and mental illnesses.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 03-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 3)

A painter, after walking by a beautiful garden, full of flowers and breathing their fragrance, cannot recreate the same picture while she is painting, if she is angry. She needs to support the positive beauty and rhythm of life emotionally, to create a beautiful painting of a scene of life. Similarly, we should remember the qualities of the other person and remember that we have also been forgiven so many times by others and that this is a journey of giving and receiving, and in this sharing, there is no higher or lower status. When our thoughts about a relationship are not tied negatively to every tiny mistake at the level of thoughts, words or actions, that the other person has ever committed, we can see the other person as who he or she really is, and create a beautiful relationship.

Once we have forgiven, we also want to share this new found joy and lightness with the other soul. While creating a new painting, if the colours are applied imperfectly on a canvas and left to dry, it becomes hard to remove or blend them at a later stage. Similarly, we should bring our virtues into action immediately on the canvas of our mind and we should not take too long to forgive others, as it may cost us a beautiful relationship. It then becomes a much longer and harder journey of forgiving oneself. In any hurtful situation where we are both the giver and receiver of forgiveness, we have to be kind and gracious to our own selves and take soft steps. Practicing forgiveness in relationships is the key, as it is what creates a positive reality for the other soul and for us also. In this way, we are able to share our feelings with the other soul and remain light. Therefore forgiveness is not just about letting go, it is also about carrying much more love for the other soul for life in future. Forgiveness does not erase the past, but looks upon it with greater compassion, mercy and love. It liberates the soul and removes fear. It is not just about granting a pardon to someone else, but also about caring about our own emotional welfare. It is a beautiful and permanent change within ourselves, an acknowledgment of one’s inner power as well as an unconditional acceptance in the end.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 02-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 2)

Forgiveness is a virtue colour with beautiful shades that we can use creatively in difficult situations, to build an inner state of love and generosity. Like a painter often comes full circle and revisits the earlier phases of his painting with new understandings, we too can build the capability within us, to circle back to the beautiful foundation of all our precious relationships and see them, this time, with a new set of spiritual eyes full of forgiveness.

How can we create the beautiful colour of forgiveness on the canvas of our minds? We need understanding of what practical steps to take to imbibe a certain value within us. Real forgiveness cannot be earned. It is unconditional. Sometimes, we feel that it is safer to give a good practical reason for the other person’s behavior and not an emotional one. It also stops us from looking at the other being as a capable soul, who is in charge of his or her actions and is not just a product of circumstances. Hence, real forgiveness requires us to be aware of the situation and be brave, to lay focus on the root word give. It is similar to a situation where however beautiful a set of virtue colours you may have on the palette of your nature, you still need a canvas of your mind to paint and use careful strokes to blend these colours to create the colour of forgiveness on it. This is forgiveness in action and the application of different basic virtues which we possess like peace, love and truth. In real life situations, where we need to forgive unconditionally, love and humility are the foundation of forgiving and becoming free of negative memories. If we practice this art of forgiveness regularly, it can become our second nature.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 01-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 1)

When we feel hurt, especially by important people in our lives, with whom we share a close bond, we are often left emotionally weakened and we feel that our worthiness has been called into question, in such situations. This weakness which is created causes a vacuum within ourselves. From a spiritual perspective, our fears of emotional loss in the future and further hurt convince us to hold on to anger and resentment, and hence it keeps the pain alive. Why do we find it so difficult to forgive others? In the process of creating hurt, we often over-identify with the person who has hurt us. We want to hold on to the other person as a prisoner, not knowing that as a result of carrying the hurt, we imprison ourselves in the situation too. In situations of hurt, we often lose awareness of our original form as a magnificent pure soul. We should be in the remembrance that as pure souls, our true home is a spiritual world, the soul world. We come down from the soul world and enter the cycle of wearing and shedding different physical costumes or bodies in each birth. We create many negative karmic accounts with many souls in the journey of different relationships by hurting them at times. Staying in soul consciousness makes it easy to remember that every situation where someone has hurt us, has a purpose of settlement of old karmic accounts created by me in the past and it is not accidental by nature. It is amazing how everything shifts when we look at the situation with this different perspective and it makes it easier for us to forgive.

In so many ways, the art of forgiveness is like blending a new colour from colours that already existed on the palette of our nature like peace, love and truth. These colours become full of creativity, harmony and balance, once they are stroked fresh and blended on an unprepared canvas of our minds and given a beautiful colour of forgiveness. Just as in a painting, where there can be no final phase, in relationships too, we don’t reach some final perfect state and stay there eternally. Forgiveness is much less like a one-time action or event and is more like a circle, a continuous development. It is a circle without anger or bitterness, but where there is joy and truth. We can choose to participate in it. 

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Soul Sustenance 31-05-2018

Living Life On The Surface

In an ideal situation, the thoughts that run in my mind, should be exactly those that I would like and I want. We do exert this control, that we possess, over our thoughts, but it is not complete and it is only sometimes. The more we become completely engrossed in our daily routine, the more our thoughts tend to become reactions to what goes on outside us. That’s when they go out of control and our lives move in an unfocused way. As a result things don’t work out as we might have desired. Then we develop a habit of blaming other people and circumstances, or we justify our pain by telling ourselves we are not very worthy or powerful enough. Often, these two inner strategies go together. The trouble is, both are cover ups, preventing us from going for a long-term solution.

In this way, we tend to live our lives on a very superficial level, without taking the time to find the solution to what is going on wrong inside. Deeper difficulties remain hidden inside. I move from one scene of life to another – eating, watching television, studying in college, getting married, changing jobs, buying a new car or house, etc. without ever stopping. All these are part of living, but if I make them my whole and sole, my foundation, it’s as if I skate across the surface of life without being in touch with the core. As time progresses, an inner shallowness develops. Then the feeling keeps growing inside that there must be more to life than this. I then, find that my relationships are not working out as I would have hoped and they are lacking in depth.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 30-05-2018

Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 3)

We all know about the day night cycle and the cycle of four seasons. Day is always followed by night and then day after that and the four seasons always repeat every year. In the same way, the day of happiness of the world has existed in the past and was followed by the night of sorrow. In fact the world has also passed through four stages – the morning, afternoon, evening and night. And as the world passed through these stages, sorrow kept increasing and happiness kept reducing. In fact, the first two stages of the world history, which is the unrecorded history, the knowledge of which is known only to God, have been of complete happiness. These two stages are called heaven or paradise or often referred to as the day of humanity. The last two stages saw negative karmas or actions being performed and the fall of human virtues happened, not all of a sudden but gradually. These two stages are often referred to as hell or the night of humanity.

As souls went through the process of birth and rebirth, they forgot their original spiritual identity and instead started considering the physical body as their identity. This wrong identification caused souls to come under the influence of different types of weaknesses or negative personality characteristics. I am a soul was forgotten and I am this body which I occupy became our incorrect belief. This is how we started falling down over the steps of the sorrow and sin and came to the end of the night of humanity, which is the present moment. Today, inspite of immense scientific advancement, there is enough sorrow of the mind, body, relationships and role in the world. Lot of people feel that we cannot go further down anymore. It’s at this moment when God is performing His role of changing the world and bringing the day of humanity back because the cycle of time repeats itself. Day was followed by night and night will be followed by day. This is also the objective of the Brahma Kumaris – to change the world, make it a beautiful and joyful place to live in and regain the lost paradise.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 29-05-2018

Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 2)

Let’s go back into the history of the world. We are not talking about only recorded history. Let’s talk about those moments of the world which are not in our history books. Who is the one who knows those moments the best and with complete accuracy? Not any of us, but only the One who has seen those moments without playing a part in them. God has seen those moments. He has seen us play a role in those scenes which took place in the world. Those moments are called by different names – Paradise, Heaven, Swarg, Garden of Eden, Garden of Allah, Bahist in different religions and countries of the world. This world existed before our recorded history. It was a world where the seven basic virtues of humans – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth existed in abundance. Also, because human souls were full of these qualities, they never experienced sorrow because no negative actions were performed. This is the world, where richness and health were also present in complete positivity with no trace of poverty and illness.

This is the world that was created by God and that is why God is also called the Heavenly God Father and the world that He created is called heaven. In this world, there was complete unity and love amongst humans and no wars were fought and no natural disasters ever took place. This is because nature was complete pure. Also, the physical bodies made of the five elements of nature were not only very beautiful and pure but also completely free from any type of disease or illness. Even animals lived in complete harmony and peace amongst each other. Also, everyone in this world was holy. This is our unrecorded history which is never spoken about so much. It is only mentioned in our scriptures or shastras.

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Soul Sustenance 28-05-2018

Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 1)

We live in a world full of different types of people belonging to different countries and religions. All of us aspire to create an existence for us, which is very beautiful and completely free from any sorrow and peacelessness. We all want to live united and share peace and happiness with each other. Also, all of us want to live like a big family, where there is no difference of opinions amongst people and everyone loves and respects each other a lot. Sometimes, many world leaders, in the world’s history have tried to create a world of peace and joy and even today many countries aspire for that. Even organizations like the United Nations aim for that.

So, one thing is certain that the desire is there in everyone’s hearts. Most importantly God is the world’s Spiritual Father, who wants His every child to be happy and free from any sorrow or the pressure of difficult circumstances. But it is also true that there are certain factors like the existence of many people with very negative personalities in the world, natural disasters and also terrorism which stop this from happening. Also, wars are being fought in certain corners of the world along with the existence of other anti-social elements, which prevent this from happening. Along with that, the deteriorating natures of people in general, where anger, ego, greed, jealousy and hatred have become a part of the personality of a lot of people is also not letting this purpose to be achieved. So, what should be done so that what we want, we are able to fulfill. This dream cannot become a reality without spiritual power. And the only one who can provide spiritual power is the One who is completely full with it i.e. our Supreme Father or God. He is called the World Almighty or the most powerful one and here we are referring to spiritual power and not physical power. Physical power cannot achieve this purpose, as we have already seen happen in the world in the past.

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Soul Sustenance 27-05-2018

The I Inside (Part 3)

If we continue to become attached to our specialties, our personality or our role for the most part of our life, then over a period of time we forget the real self which is waiting to be recognized. Every time I think I am one of the above, I become more and more disconnected with my real self which is going to give me a more permanent self-esteem and as a result a permanent happiness. The personality skills, the sparkling education success and the way I dress up, these are all temporary. This is because don’t forget life is a roller coaster where success can easily leave me within a short period of time. So, enjoy all of them because even they are attainments and enjoying attainments is not being materialistic or non-spiritual. But don’t become dependent on them for your happiness. On the other hand, the source of all the specialties and personality – the real I is a sum total of the basic qualities of the soul – peace, love and joy. All that is good inside which is eternal and also the relationship of the I or myself with a higher source – God which is also imperishable (un-destroyable) is what I need to be dependent on because it will never leave me.

Don’t forget, in our earliest births, we were extremely skilled, very beautiful and very rich, so much so that everything good that a human being can have physically was with us. Yet we were completely detached from all these attainments, enjoying all of them. That too at a time when these attainments were imperishable, because that was the original world, a world of happiness. But, now all these attainments in our life are no longer permanent and can very easily go away from us in a split second because we live in a world which is unpredictable and with many ups and downs. No skill or role has with it the assurance of being permanent. On the other hand, it is the time when the imperishable I is the one which stands by us permanently. So, it is this I the hand of which we need to hold tight permanently and also connect the I with a permanent source – the Supreme Soul. As a result enjoy every moment of life with complete security, surety and safety.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 26-05-2018

The I Inside (Part 2)

We all are used to seeing ourselves with the spectacles of others’ perceptions which are all based on physical attitudes and clouded by the worldly view. Today, we look at ourselves with a lot of respect for all that we think is good in us and based on what others tell us about us. And then, suddenly someone criticizes us and we become depressed and lose our mood to the other person’s perception. All this because we have learnt to identify with things other than the real I. Suppose I identify with what specialties I possess e.g. I am a good debater (speaker) and this specialty has bought me a whole lot of praises from people around me all through my academic career. Over a period of time people start praising you regularly for that and the identification gets stronger. Identification means losing yourself in the object of your attachment so much that you completely forget that this is not the real you. In this case, the skill of debating (speaking) with confidence is a characteristic which I possess, which can easily lose its importance if I don’t get an opportunity to express it as I become older or am out of school or college. So, what happened to the object of my attachment with which I identified myself? Suddenly it gets back at me and the same object starts giving me sorrow if the praise that I am used to receiving because of it is no longer available. In this situation, wouldn’t it have been better that I shouldn’t have attached myself so much to this characteristic in the first place. The more the identification, the more the sorrow experienced.

So, a simple way of not experiencing sorrow in the above case is being happy and feeling lucky for what we possess. At the same time keep a relationship of detachment with the characteristic of speaking well i.e. how we express ourselves through our words and deliver our ideas through our voice. A relationship of detachment means not losing myself in the characteristic but playing my role with it and even keeping a pure pride that I possess the characteristic. This can also be called self-esteem, but at the same time not get over-awed or over self-impressed by the characteristic. That would lead to a healthier relationship with my attainment. Even if it is reduced or is lessened by any chance or not praised any more as much as before, it will not harm my self-esteem and give me unhappiness at any point of time.

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Soul Sustenance 25-05-2018

The I Inside (Part 1)

We all live our lives at a fast pace, finishing one scene and entering the next one after forgetting the first scene and sometimes carrying its memories into the second one. But have we wondered or stopped to ask ourselves that is our identity which we use to perform our actions one of our profession or role or how we look or dress up or for that matter our gender or the country or caste which we belong to? When we use the term self-identity, two words come to our mind – one is what we call self or me or I. The other is identifying with what i.e. I, the self, am identifying with what? Very often I am identifying with what I am not or what I seem to be but I am not in reality. The looks and the personality as well as the education are acquired but what I am really is what I am before I learn my education and shape up into the physical characteristics that I have. So we need to train ourselves from today to do is to start seeing ourselves in the mirror of spirituality and start observing the real I or me. This is the I that is invisible to the physical eyes but is the core of what we call ourselves – human beings. As in a coconut, the softer inner surface or the core or center is what gives us strength whereas the hard exterior is what is not eaten or is lesser important.

People who are used to the common practice of seeing in the physical mirror before starting their day are reminded of so many physical characteristics mentioned above. As a result they forget that behind the acquired exterior is a non-visible interior that also requires cleaning up and being dressed up. This is because that is what comes into contact with people’s hearts – people whom we meet everyday. Also it is the inner face that will impress people after they have temporarily been impressed by the clothes we wear and how we look. After all it is the smile that is more important than the shirt. What use is a good looking suit if the person wearing the suit is egoistic and jealousy filled? Living life in the essence of the inner self is the way of reaching out to others with love and compassion and remaining contented yourself also.

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Soul Sustenance 24-05-2018

Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 4)

It is also important to keep a balanced mind, while we are working on something. Anger, aggression, passion or greed can create imbalance in our thoughts. When we experience being ourselves and are at ease with life, we feel the energy to adventure into anything that’s possible. If we are able to balance effort with ease, we are still moving towards our goals and with an equal amount of aspiration, but at the same time, appreciating the flow of life with it. When we are able to realize that it is ultimately joy, freedom and happiness that is vital for us, these virtues act as a compass to help us direct our efforts towards our goals with more peace and composure. Being in touch with our original values and feelings in every situation helps us in making correct life decisions. When efforts are accompanied by only a lose attachment to the goal, we experience a flow. Perfect people, places or opportunities arise for us, without feeling that too much effort went into it. This success may or may not look like success to everybody, but to us, it will feel so.

Practicing meditation and detachment can help us remain in soul consciousness and emphasize experiencing being over doing. Our health, inner well-being and own definition of success is more important than any job, salary, degree or anyone else’s opinion about us. We can, therefore, consciously create a situation of peace and happiness, where the rising tide of expectation is controlled. We are then no longer troubled by unfulfilled needs and even the most ordinary experiences become enjoyable.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 23-05-2018

Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 3)

We should also free ourselves from the belief that it is only the future which counts the most. In this treadmill of achieving socially valid goals, we keep trying to win a prize that eventually dissolves in our own hands, before we even feel the slightest of happiness of having achieved it. We also fail to notice so many potentially fulfilling experiences of the present in this race. The most crucial step in freeing ourselves is the ability to find rewards in the events of each moment. If we learn to enjoy and find meaning in the ongoing stream of experience, the burden of stress for achieving something often falls down from one’s shoulders. Power returns when rewards are no longer externally connected. We learn to nourish the genuine rewards of life and stop running after the prize that is sometimes just out of reach.

Once we have defined our goals, the learnings gained from overcoming obstacles along the way, leave us feeling more skilled, unique and capable. In the process of getting these individual accomplishments, an attitude of collaboration and co-operation with others can add a sense of harmony and fulfillment in life. We learn to be more sensitive to life, when we cultivate a space for care and respect for other souls and their ideas and lives that are beyond the physical self. This human integration and flow makes the present more enjoyable and it adds self-confidence to us, which allows us to build skills and also make significant contributions to our family, friendships, workplace and society.

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Soul Sustenance 22-05-2018

Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 2)

Happiness and success are actually deeply interconnected. They both share a common aspect- they cannot be pursued. If we practice soul consciousness, the thought emerges that the feelings of having achieved both success and happiness should be a result of our personal dedication to something greater than the physical self. The situations we come across in this life, which are also due to our past actions, are often scripted differently than what we desire. The roots of human discontent lay in the fact that the situations often unfold themselves naturally, and they do not take human desires into consideration. They are random and different in contrast to what we want to establish through our goals. However, in such circumstances, this awareness is important that we do have a choice to create something beautiful out of such situations, which can help build the inner worlds of our minds, which is contentment in life, while embracing the joy of growing in every moment. It is, therefore, a choice to achieve happiness by achieving control over the contents of our own consciousness.

In the modern world – wealth, status and power have become important symbols of happiness. They can be genuine blessings and not irrelevant, but only if they help us feel joyful. It is important to understand how we can consciously create efforts towards attaining these goals, while also staying happy and content in the moment. Materialistic success is only one aspect of life. There are many other dimensions of life that can give us joy and satisfaction. This awareness can free us from becoming addicted to the attention and approval from others that often come along with being successful on a materialistic level. In order to overcome the stress of contemporary life, we first need to re-experience our original virtue of happiness. We can do this by defining what is really important to us and what isn’t. We can then find enjoyment and purpose in our actions, and learn to reward ourselves, irrespective of its social relevance and regardless of external circumstances.

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Soul Sustenance 21-05-2018

Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 1)

Every soul seeks happiness. While happiness itself is searched for its own sake, every other goal – health, beauty, money or power, is valued, because we expect that it will make us happy. Today, we have made a lot of advancement in the eras of medical science and technology, but when it comes to attaining this blessed and beautiful state of happiness, not much has changed and we could arguably conclude that we have made no progress at all. We often end up feeling that instead of being filled with happiness, we have wasted our precious moments in anxiety and pressure to attain something, which would eventually take us to success, thereby experiencing and achieving happiness. The visualization of happiness, a very natural state of being to any soul, has become very difficult to experience in the world today, because it is dependent on physical attainments and achievements.

As children, we were thrilled and happy naturally. We could share our experiences of such joys in response to simple events like hearing a bird humming, or sharing lunch with a friend. As we become old, we become pressurized to achieve goals like success in education, family, business, and often lose awareness of the reality that it is our fundamental responsibility as a person to first become a joyous being. If we go against our own nature to be happy, we will never reach anywhere. Each of us has a picture, however vague, of what we would like to accomplish in this life. We aspire for different types of success. It could be money, health and social relationships. How close we get to attaining that goal becomes the measure for the quality of our own lives. If it remains out of reach, we become resentful. The problem arises when we become so obsessed with it, that we stop deriving joy from the present moment. When this happens, we give up our own chances of contentment.

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Soul Sustenance 20-05-2018

Cleaning Up The Cupboards Of Your Mind

When you are capable of relaxing, controlling your thought patterns and concentrating, you can reach deeper and more subtle states of meditation from which you connect with your inner potential for peace and purest love (the positive) and on the other hand, you clean out unnecessary memories (the negative). You reach the spiritual power that allows you to transform habits that are not very healthy and the beliefs that sustain them. Out of love and peace you can purify and clear the turbulent (rough) waters that there are at times in the subconscious. When you meditate, you review whether there is something that has influenced you and you clean it out, so that only the highest, the most positive, the most beautiful, remains inside you and comes out of you. Meditation and reflection help you to clean out the register that, from the subconscious, brings about inadequate thoughts and uncontrolled emotions. Cleansing (cleaning up) in depth requires a clear purpose, being prepared to let go of the past; cleansing the wounds and pain accumulated in the store of your inner being; facing the present with dignity, with wisdom and visualizing, with confidence and trust, a future full of positivity.

The first thing that meditation teaches us is to cleanse (clean up) the mind of the useless thoughts that it creates in the present moment. While your mind identifies with these kinds of thoughts and sees them as absolutely normal, it will not be able to concentrate. And if it cannot concentrate, it will not be able to cleanse in depth. Meditation helps you to live through that inner process without pain. From a space of love, experienced in meditation, you feel secure in order to open up the cupboards of your subconscious mind. Do not open them before commencing (beginning) the practice of meditation, because the accumulated pain can be overwhelming and the loneliness experienced, when you see what you find inside, can terrify you. Because you are alone, with yourself, with your past and with your present and you are alone here, with your inner cupboards and your files. In the silence of contemplative meditation you feel a divine energy accompanying you which helps you overcome this fear of loneliness. You feel embraced by the energy and the presence of unconditional love, which it showers on you – it accepts you as you are, which makes the cleaning up process easier.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 19-05-2018

Building Beautiful And Blissful Relationships

We souls, in many births, create and sometimes harm relationships also. What we often lose sight of, is that relationships can make and harm us too. As any relationship goes through its own phases, we keep swaying to and fro with the waves, and incorrectly bounce back and forth between joy and sorrow. The joyous moments seem to pass too soon, and dejection from a loved one seems to take a longer time to evaporate. Despite being aware of this negative cycle, we long for true relationships. How do we build beautiful relationships, where we feel positively involved, but not entangled? The key lies in using our emotions creatively to build the right foundation for building a beautiful connection with another soul. Fundamental aspects need to be introspected. Are we doing it for self-fulfillment or because we want to share and express the simple joys of life? If we pursue a life full of positive consciousness, and not negative compulsiveness, it is possible and within our reach to live magically, without any emotional inadequacies and full of basic life energy.

Relationships can become full of harmony when we practice inclusion of another soul in our life, and not management of the thoughts of another soul. Every colour that the relationship adorns, can be experienced and cherished in its own way. In this kind of incorporation between two souls, differences in opinion don’t look so alarming. By embracing simplicity and enhancing our own way of being, bead by bead, stitch by stitch, new and beautiful relationships are woven naturally on their own. Most importantly, a relationship is not always about thinking about someone. Feelings of love, care and respect is about our own self too. When connections are routed in soul consciousness, it is no more about give and take. If we are able to identify our originality as pure souls, relationships become more and more visible as an exchange of energy. We understand that it is just one of the aspects of our lives, and that we don’t have to structure our lives around it. So much of our potential would then find expression in various ways that we have not imagined.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 18-05-2018

The Relationship Between My Conscience And Intellect 

To act from a state of truth, it is important to realize the relationship between my intellect and conscience and what role these two play in experiencing this state of truth in my thoughts, words and actions. The quality of my thoughts, words and actions is based on the quality of my intellect and conscience. There are three different stages of the intellect conscience relationship.

The first stage is one in which my conscience and my intellect, both are so pure and transparent that whatever is right and true is naturally brought into my thoughts, words and actions and nothing negative or impure manages to enter into my thoughts, words and actions.
The second stage is one in which my conscience acknowledges that which is the truth, but the intellect does not have the strength to be able to bring the truth into practical. The conscience tells me one thing, but my intellect pulls me elsewhere, and it overpowers me. I do what I know I shouldn’t.
The third stage is one in which my conscience is not clean enough or aware enough to acknowledge the truth so the question of it influencing the intellect to bring the truth into practical does not arise. As a result my intellect, which is not at all backed by the conscience in this state, takes complete control of me. I do what I shouldn’t and I am not even aware of it.

When my intellect overpowers my conscience repeatedly, my conscience loses its influence on my intellect. As a result the conscience keeps weakening until its voice is stifled or silenced. As a result of that, I can then no longer discriminate between truth and falsehood.I will feel that there are no fixed ways of defining right and wrong, that each has their own judgment or definition of truth and falsehood. True spiritual knowledge, which gets stored in the intellect, and the experience of meditation, which purifies the intellect as well as my conscience, both together, make me aware of the definition as well as give me an experience of what is the truth and what is false, what is right and what is wrong. As a result of that, I am able to maintain the first stage of the intellect conscience relationship very easily in my day-to-day actions.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 17-05-2018

Peace And Love – My Original Nature (Part 3)

Many of us sometimes use anger as a weapon in what we sometimes call controlling people and we forget that it is not possible to control people, but it is easy to influence them. Influencing people is always easier and that can take place with peace and love and keeping good wishes. Also, looking at people with positivity and having a vision for them that they are good helps to make them do what we may expect them to do. Also, being humble and kind-hearted will make people respect you and do what you desire or bring any change that you desire much more.

Always remember we are inherently peaceful and loveful souls and as we come in the cycle of birth and rebirth we lose these qualities and start becoming full of desires of different types. Expecting or desiring a certain type of behavior from someone else is the root cause of all forms of anger. Also, desiring a certain type of situation, as per our liking is another cause of anger. Both these desires, when not fulfilled, make us irritated or upset or even violent in some cases. On the other hand, accepting situations and people with ease is possible for those who are full internally, with different qualities and powers. These qualities and power come with the help of spiritual knowledge and following a path to bring the spiritual knowledge in your life. The more spiritually strong we become, the more we are able to remain above changes in our life which are not as per our liking. Also, we remain stable when sometimes people close to us are behaving in a way, which is different from what we think is right or preferred. Also fulfillment on an external level can sometimes make us egoistic. On the other hand internal fulfillment of different qualities makes us humble and very uncomplicated in our dealings, a behavior which satisfies people easily.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 16-05-2018

Peace And Love – My Original Nature (Part 2)

For most of us, there are always different types of people we have to deal with, whether at our work or in our families. The challenge lies in interacting with everyone without getting angry. This is because our personalities or natures are different and our opinions also vary. Sometimes, two people are right in their own way, yet their views do not match in a particular situation. This leads to anger filled interactions. Also, when two people are right in their own way, but with different perceptions, it is ego that does not let peace and harmony be a part of that particular relationship. So, anger and ego are big enemies for good relationships in any sphere of life – personal as well as professional.

Also, when it comes to overcoming anger and ego, the first step is to look inwards and access the treasures of peace and love, which are inside us. They just need to be bought into practice by realizing one’s spiritual self, which is the soul. Realizing brings positive virtues of peace and love to become a part of our nature. These inner treasures are also increased by connecting the spiritual self with the Supreme Being or Supreme Soul or God. God is the non-physical Supreme Ocean of peace and love. This connection is called meditation. Also, in the entire day, practice seeing everyone as a soul, whose qualities are peace and love, even if anger and ego are more visible in them. This is because anger and ego are acquired sanskaras and peace and love are each and everyone’s original sanskaras. So, seeing each one’s original sanskaras, sends them the energy of those positive emotions. As a result, they get motivated to bring those sanskaras on the surface and use them instead of using anger and ego, which are negative sanskaras.

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Soul Sustenance 15-05-2018

Peace And Love – My Original Nature (Part 1)

Life for all of us is full of many different type of situations which at times cause emotions of anger and ego inside us. Both anger and ego negatively affect relationships. So all of us at times should make the silent effort of keeping them away from our life situations and remaining calm and peaceful. Many times with some of our family members or friends or even in some other unimportant interactions, we are tested by these two emotions. In other words, it is very easy to become angry in such situations. It is upto us to take care that we use our inner resources of peace, love and joy and use them to give others the same experience.

There is lots of research in the world in the present time how anger is harmful for our health. Illnesses like blood pressure, heart attacks, insomnia and back aches and other problems like digestive disorders are caused by angry outbursts. People indulge in such behavior very commonly in their families or elsewhere. Also, there are some viewpoints in the world that a little bit of anger is good and it gives an adrenaline rush. It is also seen that there are some people who believe that ego makes you powerful and helps you to become successful. Also some people feel that anger increases your efficiency because it helps work get done many times. But all of these are wrong beliefs and in fact the truth is that ego is weakness and instead of helping you get respect, you lose respect with it. Also instead of anger helping you get love and co-operation from people, it makes you lose it. 

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Soul Sustenance 14-05-2018

Enjoying The Sightseeing Of Your Life (Part 3)

4. Another virtue we learn through travelling is patience. It teaches us that it’s okay to wait and relax, and if something goes wrong, we learn to be patient, while at the same time we seek help from others and God in different ways and try and resolve it. In life situations too, we can apply the same virtue and learn to appreciate every different experience even more and not get tired and impatient, because every difficult situation does bid goodbye sooner or later.

5. We mostly travel light while sightseeing. We come home and realize that we don’t need anything more than the essential needs to survive. In life too, we can survive with very little. Also, it’s a beautiful gift that we accumulate as travelers, when we make friends with people around the planet, all from different walks of life, while having only one thing in common – love for adventure and new experiences. Similarly in life too, we can surround ourselves with love and friendship, where we appreciate the differences of each other and let go of past situations that influenced the relationship negatively. 

Meditation is a beautiful method, which helps us to create a little space between you and your mind and you become more watchful of your own thoughts. So, once we know what comprises of us as a spiritual being and what doesn’t, it helps us in establishing very clearly that the situation, in which we are, right now, is separate from us. Empowered with this clarity of thought, we can then deal with situations with a lot of detachment, intelligence and capability and the situations will not overwhelm us.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 13-05-2018

Enjoying The Sightseeing Of Your Life (Part 2)

2. We often go out of our ways to meet people on a tour. We spend lots of time with these people seeing new sights and experiencing new things. Similarly, in life, we should remember that everyone we meet is here to teach us something. In this way, we can see someone who hurts us as someone who is teaching us to work on ourselves. This way of thinking will also help us to improve our way of interpreting and responding to different events in life. Giving importance to the lessons learnt gives us the key to positive change, which will make us feel empowered, instead of shrinking under stress.

3. Becoming a tourist helps us to take some of the fear out of travel. We enjoy every sight, which is higher or lower than us, because we believe that it’s accessible to us as tourists and we just can’t create this kind of experience on our own at our homes. Similarly, situations can be challenging, but if we look at them as unique opportunities in our life journey, bringing spiritual growth, they are not problems anymore. The real strength emerges from the courage to pack up and leave our comfort zones, moving from the familiar and safe place, to experiencing unknown things, just like we do on a travel journey.

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Soul Sustenance 12-05-2018

Enjoying The Sightseeing Of Your Life (Part 1)

In life, we experience different types of situations, some good and some tough. There is a constant movement in our lives and the situations and experiences that come our way. Throughout this journey of life, it is important to remember that we have a choice – a choice to manage difficult situations by being in an inner mental position of fear or love. Facing a particular situation with love means that we are choosing compassion as our response emotion. Also, we are aware of the fact that it is a temporary situation and we will not let the situation define us and influence our emotions negatively. In many different ways, we can compare a way of facing difficult times in life to experiencing sightseeing as a tourist, who is only collecting experiences of life for a while, and then will leave for home. Let’s explore this comparison through this message:

1. While traveling, we often let our tour guide put together the itinerary for us, and decide on what to see or how much time to spend in one place. We do so, because someone else can make the planning decisions, and as a result, make things simpler for us and allow us to sit back and enjoy our journey. Similarly in life, we should train ourselves in a way that whatever life offers us, we can accept it and turn it into a beautiful possibility to succeed. We should remember that no situation in life is unsolvable, and that it is constantly evolving. Just like a traveler on a tourist destination, we can make our little choices in our thoughts, words and actions. Every choice will have a result, which we must learn to accept joyfully.

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Soul Sustenance 11-05-2018

Experiencing Perfection And Success In Role Playing (Part 3)

While playing my different roles, another important ability (a few abilities were mentioned in yesterday’s message) that I need to possess is to become victorious over the different scenes that I play. What does that mean? I need to remember that every scene, every act, whether positive or negative, in every role, shall pass. No scene or act is permanent. What happens is that, in a bodily consciousness, each time I am part of a positive scene in my life; I tend to become attached to it and want to hold on it and keep it with me permanently, which is not possible. And each time I am part of a negative scene, I tend to become impatient and want it to get over as soon as possible, which again is not possible all the time. As if a few minutes or few days of the scene or act are difficult for me to pass or bear. Positive scenes bring me into a strong, temporary wave of happiness or excitement and negative scenes into a wave of deep sorrow, both of which are incorrect emotions. To make sure that I don’t get taken in by both these waves, which is becoming victorious over scenes, I need to remain detached while playing different roles in different scenes. I will be able to become a master at this detachment, again when I am established completely as my spiritual self.

Separating role and actor increases opportunities for seeing what my role actually demands, and reduces the chances of being unduly influenced by others. Stepping away from the stage, even for a moment, I’ll see more clearly how the other actors in that particular scene are behaving, and what is required of me. So, in this regard, it’s a good practice that at different times of the day, I step back for a few seconds and detach myself from the role that I am playing and remind myself that I am a pure being of consciousness, a sparkling star like energy full of peace, love and happiness and nothing else. This is my spiritual identity.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 10-05-2018

Experiencing Perfection And Success In Role Playing (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, if I’m able to protect and maintain my inner spiritual identity in each role that I play in the day, it’s much easier for me to switch roles. I switch roles so many times even in one particular day. If I lose myself in a particular role, my mind and intellect tends to become limited and restricted to that role and I’m not able to see beyond the immediate needs of the role and I find it difficult to adapt to another role. As a father, for example, I may also be called upon to play the different roles of husband or a Managing Director or a friend or a brother or a son or a son-in-law etc. Also many a times, for e.g. in the absence of the mother, I may have to play the role of the mother or in the absence of the Office Manager in my company on a particular day, I may have to play his role, etc., both being roles that I do not normally play. I’ll have a better chance of being able to fulfill all these roles if I don’t get too caught up in any of the roles while playing them and remain in my spiritual consciousness while playing them. A spiritual consciousness will keep me detached.

Every role demands different positive personality traits or sanskaras to be put into practice. I need to be flexible and possess the ability to pick those personality traits from my complete spiritual store house of personality traits that I the soul possess inside me, that are best suited to the role and are required for that role at that particular moment, so that the role and the act is played accurately and perfectly to my satisfaction as well as the other’s satisfaction. In a bodily, limited consciousness, I will not be able to that.

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Soul Sustenance 09-05-2018

Experiencing Perfection And Success In Role Playing (Part 1)

Spirituality gives me the detached realization of being pure consciousness. This realization not only detaches me from my physical body, but also detaches me from the different roles I play through my physical body (male or female) and the different acts or scenes in each role, in one particular day or one particular lifetime. The roles may be many, the acts and the scenes may be many, but I am the actor playing the different roles and participating in the different acts.

There is great strength in experiencing myself as an actor as compared to the previous existence in which I used to lose myself and forget my spiritual identity completely while playing the different roles, identifying more with the roles and thinking myself to be the role instead of being a spiritual actor. An actor, even while in the midst of the most dramatic scenes, even whilst getting excited or emotional or angry, knows he is not the part itself, the part is just temporary. He knows he is something more than that, and that when the play is over, the role will not exist anymore. So, even though I play my role, I don’t cut off myself from the role and don’t leave my responsibilities, I need to adopt the observer or spectator or detached consciousness instead of the player consciousness. A player tends to get over-involved. So, the balance has to be maintained – I play as well as remain detached. Only then the roles will be played to complete perfection and I will experience success in each role.

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Soul Sustenance 08-05-2018

Flying Free From Hurt In Relationships (Part 2)

When we are hurt, it becomes difficult for us to forgive others at times. If we remember that forgiveness will only help to dissolve negativity, it will make it easier for us to reach for bigger possibilities in life. Also, connected with forgiveness is attachment. The greater the attachment, the more difficult it is to forgive. Love without attachment finds it easy to forgive. When relationships have with them, physical, mental or emotional attachment, any hurt is bound to leave marks and will never allow us to be what we were again. But if we bring ourselves to a subtle and light state of being, where the relationship is far deeper, but also wise in a way that we can play our part in a story as a character and switch off; and not let it leave any impressions; we will feel much more secure.

Whenever we feel deeply hurt by any situation involving a person, which was intentionally caused to us or we were drawn into it, we can take steps to heal ourselves. Firstly, an attitude of patience is essential. It is all about oneself, a natural process, and it cannot be rushed. Also, required is consideration for the other soul, gentleness, sensitivity and generosity. It takes a lot of time and effort and hence we must allow it the time it needs to unfold. Also, hurt creates an invisible shield, making it hard for us to move freely, making us feel stiff and unprotected. This shield can sometimes deprive us from opportunities of self-improvement through meaningful conversations with ourselves. While we feel we are becoming more realistic and wise by doing this, we end up numbing ourselves and crawl into our own cocoons. In relationships, it’s important to be aware of the consequences of carrying hurt and closing doors to others due to misunderstandings. We must learn how to successfully navigate the unfamiliar waters of hurt. When we are hurt, we sometimes close ourselves to love from others. As a result, we also lose the ability to experience the joy that comes from giving in relationships.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 07-05-2018

Flying Free From Hurt In Relationships (Part 1)

While coming into different relationships in different spheres of life, sometimes when we allow another soul access to our inner world, we feel understood. Such a soul, in return, continues in the journey towards knowing us better. This is a beautiful start to building a meaningful soul connection and the foundation for beautiful future experiences in life. Our most treasured relationships are of great importance to us but if they carry attachment, it makes the souls in such connection, both a source of great happiness and deep sadness at the same time, for each other.Such relationships can bring us great joy, and they can also hurt us deeply at times.

A conscious acceptance created by us internally, at all times, can help us in understanding that love, care and closeness, with attachment, are very closely connected with hurt. There may be situations where the creation of hurt was intended, but mostly, they are not. Love with any human being, may it be your parent, your spouse or your child is not an act, but a space in which we move into. When one’s identification of self as myself in the physical sense falls, a deep experience of love, without attachment, can happen within us. We need to remember that this feeling is inclusive of the other person in any relationship and is immensely and permanently joyful for both people. Also, realizing that the relationship is not exclusive or self-centered, can help us to approach others in a relaxed manner with sincerity, be prepared to lose them and be less attached to them, while still remain loving and nice to them.

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Soul Sustenance 06-05-2018

God’s Help At Every Step (Part 3)

Whenever you begin your day, let the first thought be that God will accompany me the whole day and I will keep Him with me at every step. Then in the whole day, at regular intervals check whether His remembrance is there with you or not. Also, remind others about God too. Don’t some of us feel that those days when God was remembered a lot have gone away? Ask yourself, at a typical day in the office, how much was God remembered or did we remember different people like our loved ones, office colleagues or other public figures more? There used to be a time when this was not the case.

Why is sorrow increasing and problems are on the rise so much? Are we going in the wrong direction? God is our parent, our friend and our guide as well as our teacher and most beloved one. And that too the best and highest One. So, being that, does He get that much respect from us? Respecting someone means you make Him an integral part of your life and not someone whom you remember only when there is a need. Do you remember your father or mother or husband or wife or for that matter your child or best friend only when you are in sorrow or all the time? So why is God, who is the eternal parent, friend and most beloved one forgotten? Or is He the one whom we remember once in the morning and then the remaining day everyone else is remembered and God is forgotten? So, let’s from today, remember God throughout the day and thank Him for all the help He provides.Let’s make Him a more important part of our lives and receive His help at every step and make life’s problems easy to overcome and life itself, a smooth and easy journey for ourselves.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 05-05-2018

God’s Help At Every Step (Part 2)

Everyone expects and wants help from God in times of sorrow. But do we ever ask ourselves, how much do we remember Him; and, never ever leave His hands during the entire day while performing actions? This is because the more we remember Him with a clean heart and with honesty and also with belief; the more He will be available to help us in times of our problems. Also, He will be available when things don’t go well for us.They say that God is remembered a lot in negative times and in happiness, He is forgotten. But if God is never forgotten, even when things are going well, then He will respond to our request for help when we need it the most. In fact, He provides the help Himself, without us asking for it.

Also, a very good characteristic that we should have in ourselves if we are to take His help is, to “love each one with a pure heart”. God loves those who not only love Him but love others with a big heart and keep radiating good wishes to each other. On the other hand, the one who spreads negativity in relationships and is filled with anger and ego, does not receive God’s love as much. God is our Father, the Father of the soul. If we are to come close to Him and experience Him at every step, then we have to reach the expectations He has from us. So, never ever think that we are God’s close ones unless you are very very beautiful in character. This is because God helps them more, who are genuinely kind hearted and give respect to each and everyone.

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Soul Sustenance 04-05-2018

God’s Help At Every Step (Part 1)

We all live our lives looking for perfection in every sphere and always look for ways to achieve that with ease. Also, perfection cannot come unless we have the right path to achieve that. Have you ever given a thought to what God’s mind would think about various actions that we perform in life? What that means is if I have to meet a few of my family members or friends today for a purpose or deciding what should we do for a particular issue and we didn’t know what to do – in this case, could we look upto God for a solution? And how would we take that help from God? Have you ever wondered? How many of us are so close to God that we can take His help in this manner for little actions of life? Have we won God’s heart so that we can just remember Him for a minute in a difficult situation and He would provide us His guidance or the path of what to do? Let’s give it a thought in this message.

First of all, I need to check my mind as to how clean and pure it is? Because the more my mind is transparent and a mirror image of God’s purity and cleanliness, the more help I will receive from God. Some people wonder are there some people in this world who receive more help from God? Or is it only our own actions of the past and present which help us in a difficult situation? It is actually both – the help from God as well as our actions. The important thing is that help from God can be a magic factor in difficult situations, which can be our savior. And if we want to receive it, perform good actions and make yourselves virtuous and full of truth, sweetness, purity and humility, the qualities God likes. 

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Soul Sustenance 03-05-2018

Unconditional Love – A Blessing From God

Why do we feel that we all strive to love others without limits, and yet in situations of rage, rejection or obliviousness, we find it impossible to respond with love and care? While the thought could be to overcome this limitation with conscious effort, the negative emotions that come along with it are too overwhelming at times. A deeper dive into the vibrations of love, where love in itself becomes a living reality, can make us feel unconditional love for other souls. Such a love has to be offered to the self first, before it can be experienced by others. This unconditional love resides in each of us, but to enable it to be felt and conveyed to others requires an awakening of the soul first. It cannot be created on its own and has to be received as a blessing from the Supreme Soul. In this way, the soul becomes connected with God, and can then love others with what it has experienced within itself. This can help us in healing ourselves in relation to past situations with some people, which caused hurt or difficulty.

It is important to understand that the soul needs to spiritually unfold itself. While it can happen on its own with time; energy exchanges with similar souls who share God’s love can also build a powerful synergy, to enable this transition. In order to receive love, we must share it too. Love cannot be held for the benefit of the self. That’s incompatible with its very essence. There is this primitive urge, a strength that comes from true unconditional love. It gives us wings to fly and it makes us feel good about ourselves and feeds the mind and body and gives us the courage to overcome any adversities in our life. Meditation and practicing virtues on a daily basis can help open our hearts to a deeper kind of love, like the gentle drops of rain, that pour equally on all, nurturing each element of earth equally.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 02-05-2018

Reliving The Memories Of The Past (Part 3)

Can someone without spiritual power accept the negative happenings of the past easily? Of course, there are some who easily move on and look at the present and future with a positive vision after an uncomfortable event has passed in their life. But that is only temporary and only a few are gifted with the natural ability to do that. But let us talk about the majority who do tend to become sorrowful sometimes when past events which have hurt them or reduced their happiness are mentioned. Sometimes our family members remind them to us or are remembered by us or their memories are triggered in our minds on seeing certain negative present events in our lives. In such cases, without us consciously deciding, our thoughts and feelings tend to drift into a negative mindset.

Attachment is the seed of all negative emotions. If you see any weaknesses inside the soul – all have their origins in one single negative emotion of attachment. Obviously, some people are attached to past memories more because their mind is not able to let go of what it has faced or what negative experience it went through, however long ago. The ability to let go or forget easily is brought about by the practice of soul consciousness. Also we need the practice of Supreme Soul consciousness or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul. When we souls were completely pure, we were in a state of such strong detachment that even when we left the body and took another body, we used to not experience sorrow. This is an external detachment from the physical body. Not remembering a negative past at all and a positive past excessively requires internal detachment. So, we need to become pure now by visualizing oneself as a sparkling being of light, just above the eyebrows, which is the form of the soul. Also, we can keep an hourly chart for noting the amount of time I have remained in that experience in every hour while performing actions. We need to also practice Supreme Soul consciousness every 2 hours for at least 3 minutes i.e. atleast 5-6 times a day. This means seeing oneself as a sparkling soul or energy in the Supreme Soul’s presence in the soul world and absorbing His pure energy within oneself. This is the method of becoming internally detached from what has already happened in my life – either pleasant or not so pleasant.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 01-05-2018

Reliving The Memories Of The Past (Part 2)

While some people realize that remaining in the present is the ideal way of living, but sometimes in their daily life, they find it difficult in not allowing the past in influencing their present life situations. And also their way of looking at them. Also, some people say its fine not to think about the failures of the past but it is unrealistic to not think about past successes, because they are positive events. Some people are so tied up with past success stories of their lives and are so attached to them that it slowly takes the form of a type of ego. This then starts reflecting negatively in their present behaviour and relationships.

Suppose, I have been very good at my studies and I was one of the best in school and college, in excelling in my education. So, do I forget that or remember it because doing that gives me joy? When a joy out of a positive past event becomes excessive and unnecessary, the joy turns into a negative emotion of ego. It crosses the limits of pure pride or self-esteem. Speaking about past successes to each one we meet can easily be seen by others as unnecessary. Also, some people don’t prefer listening to success events of others beyond a certain point. This is because it’s very clear in these cases that the other person does not have an intention of informing only. Ask any person about how they felt after having listened to others’ success stories repeatedly and they will give you a frank opinion that it was slightly egoistic behaviour. People will always like those who mention their successes but at the same time they are humble and remain incognito in not mentioning them repeatedly. That is for speaking about past events of a positive nature. The same applies to thinking about them.

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Soul Sustenance 30-04-2018

Reliving The Memories Of The Past (Part 1)

Have you ever spent a complete day thinking about events that have taken place a day or a month or a year ago? Do you know that the thinking capabilities of the mind are overused when we create thoughts of an already passed past? We forget that a positive future can be rebuilt by simply focusing on the present circumstances and doing the best in making it the best. A very common habit that each one of us holds inside us is of reopening events that have already folded in the reel of life and mixing them with the current state of affairs. We then create a negative future because our perceptions of current situations get influenced negatively by doing that.

Remaining focused on the present is sometimes seen as over-positive thinking by some and also seen as remaining disconnected from the past. The past is very much the truth of your life. So, a balance has to be made between being forward looking i.e. taking care that the past problems do not re-occur in the future. At the same time we take care that we do not worry about that. There is a fine difference between concern and worry. While remaining concerned does involve thinking about the past, on the other hand, worry means the same but there is a difference. In the case of worry, thinking exceeds the necessary thought level, crosses it and touches the unnecessary. Sometimes it even exceeds that and becomes negative. On the other hand, remaining concerned means your thoughts remain limited to positive and necessary. At the same time you take the right action to prevent the past mistakes from happening again. Also, one who is concerned and not worried while remembering the past, will use the past as a stepping stone to enter a future which is free from the influence of negative happenings of the past.

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Soul Sustenance 29-04-2018

Crystalizing Our Dreams into Reality (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, we have to know what we want to create in our lives that we care about. This has to be manifested very clearly in our minds. If we want to become mentally strong, we also have to become responsible for what we desire, and what we don’t and make choices accordingly. Just like a flower, in the preparation of her beauty, chooses her colours with the greatest care. She adjusts her petals one by one. It is only in the full radiance of her beauty that she wishes to appear. And then one morning, exactly at sunrise, she suddenly shows herself. In the same manner, our inner mental preparation done with care will create beautiful outer realities for us. While it’s very important to have conviction in our values, it’s also important to be accepting others and enhancing our inner being. Else we may find ourselves alone at some point of time. Hence, honesty with humility, along with unconditional acceptance is also important.

Souls are capable of love, joy, blissfulness and compassion. All that we are seeking right now is pleasantness within and around us. If we find it in our mind, we call it peace. In relationships, it becomes love and compassion. And in energy, it becomes blissfulness. This is all that a soul is looking for. The ability of a human soul to stand on its conviction is immense. It is the World Drama’s plan to decide what’s possible and what’s impossible and God is also with us at every step. We, as souls, have to strive for our dreams. We should never use the past experience to decide on what can happen tomorrow. Meditation is all about transforming yourself from body consciousness to spiritual or soul consciousness; not in search of the divine, but a journey towards becoming an embodiment of divinity. If we keep the doors open to this dimension of spiritual thought, and realize that the source of all positive creation is within us, it will transform into a power that will create reality out of our thoughts.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 28-04-2018

Crystalizing Our Dreams into Reality (Part 1)

Our dreams and aspirations are like little seeds, invisible to the outer world. They could be different things for different people, but you alone will have your dreams as no one else has them. The seeds sleep deep in the heart of the earth’s darkness, until someone among them is picked up with the desire to awaken. Then this little seed stretches itself and begins, shyly at first, to push a charming little twig upwards towards the sun. In the same manner, everything that exists today in this world was at first created in our minds essentially. Learning the art of creating thoughts in our minds, our inner world, very consciously is very important. Otherwise what happens in the outer world would not be anything more than purely accidental.

An organized mind is one which is away from unnecessary movements, absorbed in its originally created pure thoughts. Such a mind then organizes the whole system. Our body, mind and fundamental life energies are then all organized in one direction. This alignment has to be kept focused in one direction for some time – the direction of our dream, which we want to achieve and fulfill. Besides that, it is also important to have faith in the Supreme Soul. If we have a strong desire to achieve something, but also keep thinking about the limitations, which acts as an obstacle to the fulfillment of the desires, it creates internal conflict. A thought is a powerful vibration, and faith is a means to reduce negative thoughts. This resonance of positive thoughts is fundamental to success.

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Soul Sustenance 27-04-2018

5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 3)

4. Keep A Daily Chart For Your Progress – The key to perfection is self-observation and under the eye of self-observation, weakness stop existing. So, keeping a daily mental chart about your self-progress is a very important key to becoming a beautiful person without any imperfections. E.g. I become angry very easily. If this afternoon I observe myself and make a note in my mind that I have been very peaceful and loveful since the morning and will continue to behave in the same anger-free manner for the rest of the day, it makes me more careful. Such a mental chart of regular progress over many days, makes us spiritual engineers who construct bridges of goodness that help us reach our desired stage of perfect human beings easily.

5. Give A Gift To Everyone You Meet – The best way to become a beautiful human being, who does not make any mistakes at the level of the personality is gifting a virtue, a kind word, a lovely smile, a warm handshake, a caring hug to people you meet. When you make everyone richer with your love, joy and cheerfulness, they will return the same to you and you will become further richer. Spiritually rich people with the wealth of every virtue in their heart are created by donating that wealth to all. Also, the more others take this wealth from us at all times, the more we become careful that we do not make mistakes that reduce this wealth in anyway. So, take these 5 steps to becoming a perfect angel! Start the journey today and keep enjoying it![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 26-04-2018

5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 2)

2. Remember God Is Watching You – The best way to start becoming perfect is to know and remember that our spiritual parent, the soul’s Father and Mother is watching us and always wants us to imbibe positive qualities. This is what even any physical parent would want from his or her child. The child should become beautiful within and not just on the outside in terms of looks and personality. Also, as a teacher, God is watching us. He wants us to excel in different ways, as someone who gives respect and gets respect, who makes others content and others are also content with and also as someone who radiates goodness to others, in every sphere of life. Thirdly, as a Guide, God is watching us and wants to be a perfect example of the right way of living. Others should get inspired by how we lead our lives. As a friend, God wants us to hold His hand and show the world how true Godly companionship is the need of the hour. It is the key to remaining light and blissful, when surrounded by life’s pressures of the physical body, wealth, role and relationships.

3. Remind Yourself You Are On The World Stage – We are all actors of the world and our every act is like a performance in the eyes of the world. Remember even every thought and feeling of yours is constantly being felt and perceived by people around you. It’s as if you are on a stage and just like you notice everything that others do, others are also doing the same. When we remain in this actor consciousness, we will see our every action with greater respect and responsibility and not be careless in the way we present ourselves to people. Also, the slogan that – What we do, others will also see and do the same – will become a positive reality on our lives.

(To be continued tomorrow …)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 25-04-2018

5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 1)

A very important aspect of our lives is giving respect to everyone we meet in the day and showering praise on each one as they interact with us. People often talk to us and everyone is looking for and expecting love filled behaviour from us. So, to serve others with my nature and good wishes radiating from my inner positivity, I need to be full of the treasures of all the qualities that exist in human nature. There should not be a single positive nature characteristic or virtue that I should be lacking. When we became full of all qualities, people will experience perfection from us and get inspired to become perfect themselves. Sometimes a single negative word, action or even facial expression can distance people from us and also make them inclined towards negativity. In this message, we look at different practical methods to become a perfect human being or angel, who satisfies everyone at every step and becomes an example for others to follow:

1. Create The I Am A Soul Feeling – The first and foremost step towards becoming perfect is seeing oneself as a spiritual being and not a human form only. This is because it is the soul which performs all actions. To remember that it is me responsible for everything I do, through soul consciousness, will make me positive and powerful and always to willing to bring positive changes in myself. The soul is an energy with immense potential to bring about any thought and personality change through the power of self-wisdom and the power of determination. So, right from the time you wake up every morning and throughout the day, keep the I am a soul feeling in your mind, and make actions beautiful and perfect.

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Soul Sustenance 24-04-2018

The Spiritual Seed And The Human World Tree

Spirituality introduces God or the Supreme Being as a seed, a point of reference, the spiritual Pole Star, remembered by all souls all over the world. But over a period of time, with an experience of linking my mind and intellect with Him, we realize that although He is a seed, a point, He is a not a non-living seed but a living one with a unique personality of his own, a personality which no one can match, a personality of spiritual truth, of beauty, of purity, of generosity, of love, of giving, of peace, of humility, of bliss, of power, of sweetness etc. How is this possible? We normally think of a seed as inactive or dormant, despite the enormous potential that lies within it, due to which it gives rise to a complete tree and bears fruits and other products. God is the seed of the human world tree. When I see virtues around me, whether it be in all human souls including deities, prophets, saints and the founders of the great religions or animals or nature, I know that ultimately this comes from God but God is not all pervasive, i.e. he is not present in all humans or nature or in the divine souls, but everything that is good in them comes from the virtues that are present in God or basically from the personality of God (mentioned above), because the tree is the creation of the seed, so all that is positive in the tree has come from the Source, the seed, perhaps sometime in the past. But, despite the goodness which is visible; today, peacelessness and pain do not seem to have reduced, and have probably increased, if we look behind the false covering of material success. The goodness is only in small patches. So what is the need of our times?

To spiritually uplift myself, I, being a part of the creation, a part of the tree, need to catch the positive energy within God, the creator, the seed. This energy is subtle, in that it is non-physical, but it is also glowing like light, and in meditation I can catch that glow, absorb it and feel its spiritual embrace healing me and making me complete or full. At the present moment, recognizing this need, the Supreme Being is shining the light of His personality through pure thought and vibrations more brightly than ever into the human world tree, inviting us: Oh sweet child, come and reclaim for yourselves your birthright, the inheritance of truth, by absorbing the qualities inherent in me through meditation or a spiritual link with me and making them your own.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 23-04-2018

The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 3)

The present generation of parents has access to a lot of information on the internet. As a result, we often feel the need to reach for every available information to help our children. In our effort to do our best for them, we forget that it’s important to accept our children as they are. There is a big difference between fear and instinct, and we must learn how to separate the two. Worry or fear doesn’t make one a better parent. To avoid making such mistakes, let’s remember that keeping ourselves confident, cheerful and happy is the key. Parents should also make time for the little things that benefit them spiritually. Parents must have faith in themselves, rediscover their own needs and take out time for things that give them inner fulfillment. This is because our spiritual development and inner goodness and contentment is continuously creating our children and their personalities.

When it comes to our own health, we must remember that we should practice what we preach, and care for ourselves like we do for the health of our children. Parents should also remember that they are also managing the relationship with each other along with the one they have with their own children. While taking care of children, these fragile bonds can shatter under stress. As parents, the best thing we can give to our children is to respect the differences in opinion between each other and love and care for each other. A good relationship of trust and goodwill between parents does half the work of creating a beautiful child, with an all-round development. Lastly, we must remember that parenthood is like a conversation that lasts a lifetime. There are so many things we want to teach our children, so many things we can learn from them and so many new life experiences to be felt together. So with our children … we should keep it open … we should keep it honest. And relish the journey of joyful parenting![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 22-04-2018

The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 2)

Children should also be made to experience the closeness with nature at a tender age, so that they can observe life in a very basic way. When we look around the people we know, we see people from all kinds of different backgrounds who followed various different paths through life. They all ended up as wonderful and knowledgeful people, fulfilled in different ways and to different extents. Similarly, we should let our children the same freedom to create their own path through life. Children should also be taught to question everything, but not with a sense of suspicion. They should also be taught to trust naturally. Love, openness and meditativeness, as virtues in parents, can give powerful vibrations to children, to help them enrich their inner potential.

Also, children must learn to take matters of physical and mental health seriously. They should learn to cherish their minds and bodies and to take responsibility for maintaining them. How they see their every personal action is related to how they treat the external environment. The role of a parent, therefore, becomes of a coach, giving everything they can, to help them off the field, so that they can run the best race possible.As a parent, it’s hard not to feel sometimes, as though you are being assessed along with your children. Therefore at times we make decisions based on how it makes us look, rather than how it makes our children feel, which is wrong and we should take care that it does not happen.

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Soul Sustenance 21-04-2018

The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 1)

When we have a child, a pure soul, we make a choice to live our life in the form of a beautiful, complete family, which we had the privilege to create consciously. Children are tender souls with pure consciousness. As parents, we often feel the need to know the right ways of nurturing them, so that they grow into good natured human beings. When we navigate the unfamiliar waters of parenthood, most of us will face challenges of different kinds. In those moments, it is important to remain sure of oneself and in touch with your own intuitions. It is a myth, especially among new parents, that being a parent comes naturally. Love and care may come on their own to most of us, but the two are not synonymous with being a good parent. It is only a part of what it takes to bring up children, and definitely not enough on their own.

Firstly, it’s important to release the feeling of attachment and ownership over children. We should try to build a relationship of liberation, where we look at them as just another soul, with their own past karmas. We should also understand that having children is a privilege and it’s our role to protect them from wrong influence, but also, in that process, we do not inculcate a sense of fear in them, which will make them shy from seeking help in future life situations. Drawing the line between instilling caution and creating unnecessary fear is an art. As a parent, it’s also very important to create involvement with children. Building a loving and supportive environment helps them experience life, where they can learn the significance of giving in relationships. As conscious and responsible beings, parents need to be equally joyful, for the benefit of their child and to fill them with the same energy. This creates the necessary ambience for nurturing children positively, and helps them in navigating life effortlessly.

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Soul Sustenance 20-04-2018

Saying Yes Or Saying No?

In life many times we are presented with situations that ask something of us or offer us opportunities. They make us question what we are doing and suggest to us that perhaps we should change direction. To remain in flow with life is to remain bring about changes in the self that situations want from us, as long as it is in agreement with our conscience. But for that, we should be clear about what we say yes to, and what we say no to. When you put your heart into something and your mind is centered, the energy flows powerfully towards there. It is a question of listening to your heart, and daring to say yes or to say no. We have to say it keeping our conscience and action in line, in order to maintain honesty and integrity.

Personally, we all live through difficult and uncomfortable situations, but in your heart you need to know that you will definitely be there. The trust in yourself, and the confidence that everything will work out fine, knowing that there is some hidden lesson that you have to learn, helps you to say yes. It is what the situation asks of you, although you prefer to be in some other more comfortable situation – a less risky or seemingly negative one. It is important to hear the voice of time, of the moment, of the situation and trust that it would strengthen you, with which it would bring you closer to greater personal development and to your destiny as a person, and also brings about global benefit since you are a part of society, a part of humanity.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 19-04-2018

Connecting To The Qualities Of Others

Meditation adds immense value and depth to my relationships. It also brings closeness in them. Many obstacles and barriers, both on a physical as well as on the subtle level, come between me and others in my consciousness and, as a result, my perception are struck primarily in the physical dimension. If I hardly know five to ten per cent of myself, and that too mostly on the surface, my relationships are going to be similarly superficial.With my self-respect built on very weak foundations, it will tend to be delicate and I’ll be prone to trying to maintain it by thinking about and focusing my energies on others’ weaknesses, sometimes real and sometimes even imagined. I’ll also find it hard to realize and appreciate their qualities. Such is the state of so many human relationships today.

In meditation, I go into the depths of myself, and deep within my inner being, I find the beauty of peace, love and happiness that is there inside me. I also realize that this same beauty lies inside each soul. Then naturally and very easily, without any effort, I get connected to the same qualities in others. I also find the strength to do the same. I am no longer judgmental seeing others’ temporary sanskaras of negativity. I find qualities that are basically there inside every soul: the original qualities or sanskaras of each spiritual being. It’s like a basic prototype for the whole of humanity, which I deeply see and realize.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 18-04-2018

Following God’s Footsteps (Part 3)

God’s positive characteristics are countless and one can never stop remembering them. All that He is and possesses inside Him, He shares with the world. That is why He is so loved and respected all over the world. In the same manner as He serves the world, we are His children and need to learn to follow in His footsteps and become similar to Him, if not the same. So, everyday check yourself whether you are an obedient child of God. Obedience means – Follow Father, that means always follow God and set an example for others to follow you. 

God is the most perfect being that exists and becoming similar to Him means becoming full of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge. We cannot become an ocean of these virtues like Him, but we can follow Him and become similar to His qualities. That should be our goal. So, in every thought, word and action, let these virtues show and flow to others. Give yourself in others’ service. God is a constant server. His service is giving these seven qualities to us human beings and to the world in general. The more we also keep an aim of doing the same, the more full of those qualities we will become. The more peace, love and happiness we give to others, the more peaceful, loveful and happy we will become because this is a principle of human emotions. Giving is filling inside oneself. Also, become soul conscious, pure and humble like Him. If God’s personality is to be made one’s own or my personality is to be shaped liked how God’s personality is, then remember God a lot. Also, all that you take from Him, share with others. That will bring them closer to this Highest One that exists – the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Being – my Father and your Father, our eternal Father – God.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 17-04-2018

Following God’s Footsteps (Part 2)

A very important characteristic of God is that He is an ocean of seven important qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge. There is no one as full spiritually, as Him. And the most important thing about God is that He is constant. That means He never loses these qualities by performing negative actions, as we do. Even we have many qualities, but when we perform actions, which are sometimes negative, we lose these qualities. Also, when we lose our qualities, we take them from God to become full again.

Another aspect of God’s nature is that He is completely soul conscious, pure and humble at all times. These three characteristics are what make Him the Supreme Soul of the Universe. In fact, He is not restricted to this Universe, but is a resident of the soul world, which is a non-physical world beyond the sun, moon and stars or the world of five elements. He comes down in the world, when there is sorrow and peacelessness prevalent in the world and changes the world into one which is free from sorrow. He brings a world in which there is complete peace and love amongst human beings. So, He is a Supreme parent. In the same way as a physical parent takes care of his or her children and cannot see them suffer or experience sorrow, God always wants to see the world in happiness and united at all times. This is His nature and He is the only one who can perform this role because He is an ocean of qualities with which He brings benefit to the world.

(To be continued tomorrow …)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 16-04-2018

Following God’s Footsteps (Part 1)

We all look upto Him. He is the one whom everyone remembers and is the one common Supreme Power that connects all of us together through a common relationship with Him. God is the Father of Humanity and the one whom we all love and respect the most because He is there with us eternally. He never stops taking care of us and helping us in our time of trouble or sorrow. There is never been a single moment in our life, when God is not available to us, when we have wanted His care and support. His love is a constant companion of ours. Even as a child, we were taught by our parents and other elders to always respect God and take His help right from the morning to the night in every little action we performed. Although as elders, sometimes we forget Him when we are busy in our daily routine and sometimes we give greater importance to our worldly loved ones.

God is the spiritual father and the loving parent of each soul or human being in the world. In fact, every specie of the world and even nature’s seed is God. He is called the creator because He transforms every human being and the entire planet from impure or old to pure or new. This is His task which He performs for the world. And because He is the creator in this way, everyone remembers Him so much because of all that He has done for us. This is the task which makes Him so worship-worthy and the most respected One in the entire Universe.

(To be continued tomorrow …)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 15-04-2018

The Power Of Concentrated Thought (Part 3)

Yesterday we had discussed external influences. Some of the internal influences or voices include the influence or voice of:

– selfish or impure desires of name, fame, revenge, greed, remaining in control of a situation or a person or dominating a situation or a person;
– the ego;
– the past;
– our inner conscience;
– pure desires;
– the Supreme Being or God;
– our worries of the present or of the future;
– temporary negative sanskars or personality traits;
– original or inherent positive sanskars or personality traits;
– attachments to people, situations, material objects, etc.;
– jealousy or dislike for a particular person, etc.

We are exposed to some or all these influences, whether external or internal, all the time. If we are not strong, our mind weakens under so many influences, which as a result, becomes unclear, confused and unfocused. Because of all of this, on the one hand, we need to have good judgment power to remain connected to what is essential, important and true, and on the other hand, you have to strengthen your thought, that is, think less; think more slowly; more concentrated and clearly with focus, a sense of purpose and positivity. That thought is like an arrow; it has positive force and clarity and it always bears powerful fruit. This kind of thought is called concentrated thought. The practice of introversion or meditation for a minute or few minutes at regular intervals during the day helps us remain above all influences and constantly feeds our mind with the power of silence, which helps us remain in this experience of concentrated thought easily.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]————————————–
Soul Sustenance 14-04-2018, Saturday

The Power Of Concentrated Thought (Part 2)

One important component that doesn’t let us remain in the healthy and positive experience of concentrated thought is the many different types of influences we are exposed to in our life. There are two different types of influences – external and internal. These influences can also be called voices. Voices from outside as well as inside speak to us.

External influences or voices are of people whom we come in contact with at home, at the workplace, at school or college, at the club, in the media etc. or elsewhere. These people are those whom we either see as equals or look upto. They could be our friends, our parents, our spouse, our teacher, our guru, our doctor, our neighbor, our colleagues, our boss, actors or sportsmen whom we admire, even the daily newsreaders or writers, etc. We have been exposed to these influences right from the time we were born. The influences from all these people are not necessarily on a physical level, they can also be on a subtle level of mental vibrations from others. We interact with all or some of these people and spend time with them and whenever we do that they advise us or give us their opinion on a physical level and we also listen to their voices on a subtle, emotional energy level e.g. we spend a lot many hours in the office. We may not interact with our boss all the time but his personality is constantly influencing everyone in the office on a subtle level, including us. The office environment is shaped largely by the head of the office. In the same way, we may be taking care that we listen only to the positive voices of the media and we do not listen to the negative ones, but the all pervading negative atmosphere that exists everywhere due to everyone being exposed to the news of violence, sorrow and impurity from the media, definitely influences us on a subtle level, even though we might not realize it. As children, we have been listening to the subtle voices of our parents, even when we were taking shape in our mother’s womb.

In tomorrow’s message, we shall explain what our different types of internal influences or voices.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]