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Sangathit Yog, Combined Meditation Program, held at Sports Complex, Sec-12, Faridabad

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Around 4000 BK’s  from Delhi NCR participated in the Collective Meditation program, today from 5.30 am to 8.30 am, held at Sports Complex, Sec-12, Faridabad.  It was then followed by Brahma Bhojan.
Mr. Vipul Goel Ji, Industries Environmental Minister, Govt. of Haryana & Mr Manmohan Garg, Dy. Mayor Faridabad, visited the program and praised the services rendered by the Brahmakumaris. He also informed that Municipal Corporation Faridabad passed the resolution,  to declare BPTP Bridge Chowk as Brahma Kumaris Crossing.
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Bro. Brij Mohan from Mt. Abu Head quaters, Sister ASHA from ORC, Gurugram, also shared their views about this year’s Service. BK Shukla from Hari Nagar, BK Sundri from Malviya Nagar, BK Pushpa from New Rohtak Road, Pandav Bhavna also graced the occasion with all SR. Teachers from Faridabad area.

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Every one demonstrated Rajyoga in a well disciplined way and everybody praised the event arrangements.

Thank You all.

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Sector -21D, Faridabad

Shivratri Celebration, 21-Jan-2018, Sunday, 10:30 am

The BrahmaKumaris centre at Sector-21D, organized a program on the divine occasion of 82nd Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav.  The program started with the Welcome song and Dance, followed by the Welcome speech by the Divine Sister Bk. Harish Didi Ji , Incharge Brahmakumaris center Sector-19.

Rajyogini Bk. Asha Didi Ji, Director – Om Shanti Retreat Center, Gurugram, was the Keynote Speaker for the Program.  She gave her valuable words on the topic, how blessings are so crucial in our lives.  She spoke about how, blessings act as lift in enhancing our day to day life and take us out of our challenges.

The Guest of Honour, Mrs Seema Trikha Ji, MLA Badhkhal, graced the occasion by her esteemed presence and spoke about, the goodness of the organization.  She mentioned how important are the values of hope and light. She honored both our senior sisters, Bk Asha Didid Ji and Bk Usha Didi Ji,  and their life’s contribution in giving both hope and light to others through the Braham Kumaris organization. She thanked for the respect and regard she obtained from the institution.

The program was followed by the valuable words on Blessings, delivered by Rajyogini Bk Usha Didi Ji, Head NIT main Center, Faridabad. Followed by candle lighting, cake cutting and Flag hoisting  ceremonies.  Divine Sister Bk Preeti Behn Ji, gave her vote of thanks to all the esteemed guests of honor, respected ragyogini, senior sisters, and all the devotee bk. brothers and sisters for their gracious presence on the 82nd divine Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav.

Finally, brother Bk. Vivek Bhai Ji, sang a beautiful meditation song ” Ishwar apne saath hai………………….”, and made everyone experience God’s grace and blessings.

Om Shanti

 Sector – 46, Faridabad.

Shivratri Celebration, 11-02-2018, Sunday.

The BrahmaKumaris Center, Sector-46, celebrated the occasion of 82nd Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav.  The Centre Head, Bk. Madhu Didi Ji,  along with all the centre sewadhari brothers and sisters, celebrated the event with a Welcome song in the beginning, followed by candle lighting and cake cutting.

Several VIP guests graced the occasion with their valuable presence. Mrs. Darshana Gupta Ji, Daughter-in-law of Late Shri Banarasi Das Gupta Ji, Ex- CM, Ex-Chairman of the Foundation, congratulated upon the divine birth of Shiv Paramatma and also spoke about the importance of remembering Shiv, to attain a life of peace and happiness.

Incharge of Brahmakumaris center Sector-19, Bk. Harish Didi Ji also graced the event with her divine presence.  She gave her valuable thoughts about the divine birth of the Supreme Father GOD Shiva, and also revealed the truth behind His Divine Existence. She even asked to leave all vices existing in our lives and celebrate the real Shivratri.

The Center Head, Bk Madhi Didi Ji, too gave her valuable words on, the secrets of a happy lifestyle, positive thinking, good deeds and experiencing a stress free life. Divine Bk. Preeti Behn, Bk. Jyoti behn along with several other brothers and sisters attended the program, and contributed with their sewa.

Om Shanti.


BrahmaKumaris Shobha Yatra, 13-02-2018, Tuesday.

        The main centre at Ballabgarh, organized the Shobha Yatra, on the occasion of 82nd Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav.  The Centre Head, Bk. Sudesh Didi Ji, first hoisted the Flag, with all the centre’s brothers and sisters. THen everyone took the Oath of leaving up all vices in their lives.    The Blessful Shobha Yatra then started by the Centre Didi, along with the Ward Councillor Mr. Deepak Yadav, and all other Bk. Brothers and sisters.In this celebration nearly 700 white dressed brothers and sisters contributed with, their sewa, carrying flags, banners, spiritual slogans etc..Also made a live symbolic form of Shiv Shankar. Majority of the areas social organizations and their heads welcomed the yatris with flowers, bouquets and garlands.

In the Shobha Yatra, Bk. Susheela, Bk. Sangeeta, Bk Seema, Bk Anju, Bk Bharti, Bk Mamta, Bk. Preeti, Bk Raghuvir Bhai, Bk. Jyoti Bhai, Bk Harikishan Bhai, Jaipal Bhai, Satpal Bhai, Also, Bk. Santosh Bhai, graced the occasion, with their presence.

Om Shanti