Program on Natural Lifestyle, At BrahmaKumaris Center, Sec-46, Faridabad.

A program on Natural Lifestyle, was organized, at the Brahma Kumaris Center, Sec – 46, Faridabad. The main idea behind the program was Health and Fitness. It was said that, to keep our body healthy and fit we need to take care of the food and drinks that we consume.

Mr. Gulshan Satija, spoke about it and mentioned that our body is made up of the 5 elements present in the environment, so we need to include all those 5 elements to our routine life.  Take sun light in the early mornings; drink water slowly and steadily, and only when you feel the thirst; do regular walking and practice pranayam; consume food in the natural form as the nature provides it to you; consume fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables etc.;

In general, we need to live our life in a more natural way, as much as we can.

Bk Madhu Didi, Center Incharge, Bk Jyoti didi, Bk Preeti didi, were also present.  Several people attended the program and got benefitted.

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Sangathit Yog and Meditation Program, Community Center, Sec-31, Faridabad, 21-06-2018, Thursday, 5:30am

Om Shanti,

Greetings of Peace!

Godly Invitation,

With the divine blessings of our most beloved, Supreme God Father, Parampita Paramatma Shiv, we hereby, are very glad to inform you that, a Combined Meditation Program is being organized at Sec-31, Community Center, in Connection with the Brahma Kumaris  Center, Sec-19, Faridabad, on the Occasion of @1- June, The International Yog Day.

This monthly Joint meditation program is for all Bk Brothers and Sisters. All are cordially invited to join the same.


Bk Harish Didi Ji, Sec-19, Faridabad

Om Shanti

BK Center, Sector 46, Faridabad. Shivratri Celebration, 11-02-2018, Sunday.

Shivratri Celebration, 11-02-2018, Sunday.

The BrahmaKumaris Center, Sector-46, celebrated the occasion of 82nd Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav.  The Centre Head, Bk. Madhu Didi Ji,  along with all the centre sewadhari brothers and sisters, celebrated the event with a Welcome song in the beginning, followed by candle lighting and cake cutting.

Several VIP guests graced the occasion with their valuable presence. Mrs. Darshana Gupta Ji, Daughter-in-law of Late Shri Banarasi Das Gupta Ji, Ex- CM, Ex-Chairman of the Foundation, congratulated upon the divine birth of Shiv Paramatma and also spoke about the importance of remembering Shiv, to attain a life of peace and happiness.

Incharge of Brahmakumaris center Sector-19, Bk. Harish Didi Ji also graced the event with her divine presence.  She gave her valuable thoughts about the divine birth of the Supreme Father GOD Shiva, and also revealed the truth behind His Divine Existence. She even asked to leave all vices existing in our lives and celebrate the real Shivratri.

The Center Head, Bk Madhi Didi Ji, too gave her valuable words on, the secrets of a happy lifestyle, positive thinking, good deeds and experiencing a stress free life. Divine Bk. Preeti Behn, Bk. Jyoti behn along with several other brothers and sisters attended the program, and contributed with their sewa.