Joint Meditation, Sept-2018, Sultanat Banquet Hall, Sec – 21d, Fbd


With the divine blessings of our Supreme God Father, ParamPita Paramatma Shiv, the Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Sector-21d, Faridabad, organized a joint Meditation Program for World Peace.
It was held at, the Sultanat Banquet Hall, Badkhal, Sec-21d, near Petrol Pump, Faridabad. Many BK brothers and Sisters attended the program, from entire Faridabad, along with all the BKIVV Center Heads.  There was Meditation, followed by the “Samman Samaroh”. On the occasion, BK Asha Didi Ji, Director ORC, Gurugram,  Bk Shukla Didi Ji, Hari Nagar, Delhi, Bk Harish Didi Ji, Sec-19, Fbd, Bk Usha Didi Ji, NIT, Fbd, graced the occasion and were honored. Also, came Bk Jai Gopal Bhai, renowned Singer, from chandigarh, and sung Melodious Bhajans. There were some non-bk members as well.

The program started at 5:30am in the morning, followed by the Godly Spiritual Discourse, the “Murli Mahavakya”, and finally ended at around 8:ooam. Bk Asha Didi Ji, took the class of the Spiritual Discourse.

All Brothers and sisters experienced great peace and harmony at the Joint Meditation Program.

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